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Recent posts by Charles Leung

Heard that new (beta) SCEA exam will be out soon... is it the right time to start SCEA now?
Pet "has a" fur
since Dog "is a" Pet
thus Dog "has a" fur
it didn't say Dog "is a" Fur, right?
it prints 1
since unicode is converted in very early stage of compilation
the line
byte B = \u0041;
byte B = 1;
and hence the answer
Does it mean that
static method are initialized before static variables?
hi preeti,
the rule is:

default constructor is one with no argument.
So where is Test()?
NO. Therefore new Test() is wrong.
What is the code for Base class? Without it we cannot judge Base() is correct or not.
btw i'm curious which two questions you'd got the wrong answer?
21 years ago
3 objects
Siu is right, back in the days of C/C++, *object* and *reference to object* are not the same
this is off-topic; just wanna remind you about special handling about String in Java.

only one object is created.
Hi Siu,
I've got the Exam Cram by Bill Brogden (old version)
(It's amazing that he was in the forum last week)
It's not enough for beginner but okay for experienced programmer (like me)
Done 6 mock exams (of which 3 are by Marcus Green)
studied for about 6 to 7 weeks... since I have a job in day-time (I'm not a student)
How about u? Have you pass the SCJP?
21 years ago
If you have experience in Java programming, this book is for you.
Here is my experience: I did Java programming for 1 year. Exam Cram, JLS and this forum are my studies reference, and I managed to pass the exam.
Thanks Bill!
[ April 13, 2003: Message edited by: Charles Leung ]
HK student? I'm also from HK
21 years ago
just two question on assertion
very surprised that there are many questions on thread (more than 6)
from my study experience:
take a book to study
start do mock exam as early as possible
and review the mistakes
afterall, JLS is your best reference
good luck to you all
21 years ago
Can anyone explain why it is not appropiate to assert arguments of public method as precondition? Why it is okay for say private method?
Peter & Neeraj, I agree
thanks you