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Recent posts by Yuan Ye

I think you might be missing jars in your tomcat. Do you have javaee.jar, servlet-api.jar? the error message says you are missing ServletRequestListener class.
13 years ago
Seems the problem is the jsf jars. I got JSF (Mojarra) 2.0 jars and it doesn't work this way, when I replaced the jars with older versions, it works.
So does that means jsf 2.0 is not compatible with jsf 1.2? Which version should I start to learn?


13 years ago
Hi everyone, I am beginner in JSF. Just followed a tutorial, got some strange error.

The tutorial is very simple:

a jsp page is as following:

I have made sure the messages.properties file is under bundle folder in classes directory. However seems the association is not working. I see these on the page


All the values are not bound, only the original annotation.

What are the possible reason this could be?

Thanks very much. I am using tomcat 6.0 and copied the two jsf jar files from moharra project.

13 years ago

I have implemented a soap method using was6.0. Got strange nullpointer exception while the method is invoked from remote requestor. Here is the error stack trace.

The strange thing is on line 11 of ProcessRtm, it doesn't even try to create an instance of object RtmInfo, it calls the new method of a differnt object. Line 26 is the actual line that initialize the RtmInfo.

And this problem only appears on production system, I can't even duplicate it on test environment.

Please give me some hint if you have any insight to the problem.

16 years ago
I am using WAS v6, default messaging service. Listening through JCA adaptor (activation spec). My question how can I set up the retry interval period for my MDB listener. I found the retry count option in the Bus-> Destination section, but where is the retry interval? Or is that even possible? Thanks.
I am using WAS v6, default messaging service. Listening through JCA adaptor (activation spec). My question how can I set up the retry interval period for my MDB listener. I found the retry count option in the Bus-> Destination section, but where is the retry interval? Thanks.
17 years ago
I think so that hash based collection of the EJBs will work correctly. But is that mandatory?
A related discussion:


I guess Jboss is different from Tomcat in dealing with war isolation.
[ July 26, 2006: Message edited by: Yuan Ye ]
Try to add all jars in the client directory of your application server.
Did you forget the ">" for tele?

<tele isValid = "true"> 888666</tele>
<tele isValid = "true"> 888777</tele>
Yes, the machine information is specified in the environment object when you create a InitialContext from it. (including provider url)
However sometime you want to get the a local jndi name, whereas you can new InitialContext() directly, by default, it looks up the localhost.
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17 years ago
After reading some articles, here is what I understand. JBoss is using different instances of class loaders to read different applications. However these classes are placed into a common repository which will be shared accross the AS. This explains why one class can access another class in a different jar. However in history(version 4.0), JBoss was using namespace + classname to store loaded classes, which disable such inter-application access, I guess.
To test, I created two jars. One jar contains a session bean which I can call through remote client. It is verified that within the session bean method, it can access a class which is only defined in the other jar. (Both jars are places under deploy directory)
Thanks Andy and Paul.
Hi, Andy.

The way I deploy the jars(ejb3s) are the simplest way. Jar the classes and rename it to .ejb3(maybe not necessary) and copy them to deploy directory. Restart JBoss to pick them up. I also think JBoss should use one classloader per ejb3 file. But seems not true in this case. Here is an answer I got from Jboss Forum:

Unless you specify otherwise via the <loader-repository> element in jboss.xml, all classes in .jar (or .ejb3) files will be loaded into the same root classloader repository. You can use the <loader-repository> element to create child repositories per deployment - classes loaded into child repositories will not be visible outside of the particular deployment.

Did they change the implementation recently?
[ April 25, 2006: Message edited by: Yuan Ye ]