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Recent posts by srilatha kareddy

yep i went on writing about overriding and completely missed super.service

you already got answer for doXXX synchronization

if doGet is synchronized ..then at any given point only 1 thread can be accessing doGet

get this picture in mind

HttpServlet ....has thses methods
1.public void service(ServletRequest req,ServletResponse res)throws ServletException,
//Dispatches client requests to the protected service method
2.protected void service(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse resp)throws ServletException,
//dispatches them to the doXXX methods

your servlet will extend HttpServlet if you override service method it will not dispatch properly to doXXX methods....but if you override any of doXXX methods there will not be any problem
hi all,

thankyou everyone for helping me to pass this exam.
i got 62 right out of 69.

i read Head first and bridgewater books.
i liked both but i prefer head first and for further certifications i am going to buy head first books

In exam.....
first 8 were design patterns
8 to 9 were drag and drop
2 to 4 from tag files
surprisingly only 3 from EL

i suggest everyone to try out classic tags (different ways we can get parent of tag)
in what sequence listeners,filters and servlets are called.

My next certification will be Rational Application Developer
thanks again for helping out.

one more thing
public static final int EVAL_BODY_AGAIN = 2
public static final int EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED = 2

both are having value 2 so practically doStartTag can return EVAL_BODY_AGAIN

all the best for all who are preparing for exam
i too tested it.
instances created = servlets declared in Deployment descriptors
before with color navy it is displaying the results?

logic is same maybe some problem with java scriplet opening and closing tags
you mean that entire row must be red color if data is something..

then do this
18 years ago
can anyone tell me which version of weblogic support j2ee1.4

i need to work on EL
[ March 29, 2006: Message edited by: kareddy srilatha ]
18 years ago