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Recent posts by dennis zined

I discovered that using Struts2 on WebSphere 6.1 require setting up this property for Struts 2 to work:

Now, we're moving to WebSphere 7 and finding some new issues. Is there a trick to getting Struts2/Spring to work with WebSphere 7?

Struts2 works if I remove the following:

1. This entry (below) in web.xml:

2. The following JARS:
- Spring.jar
- struts2-spring-plugin-2.1.6.jar

So if I need to use Spring in conjunction to Struts2 what do I need to do?

*** I'm using RAD7.5 and WebSphere 7.0 (yes, I've updated it with latest fixpacks)

14 years ago
nope, tried that...i'm at 21 and that works.

14 years ago
yes i just realized that when it was taking forever to publish/start my server. i renamed it back and it worked. now i'm thinking it would be best for me to go back to the last fixpack version i had. does anybody know how to backout a breakpack....err, i mean a fixpack?

thanks ibm for breaking things!!!
14 years ago
dang friggen' RAD!!! i couldn't for the life of me figure what the heck was wrong with 'prepare...' until i came across this post. finally got it to work...YODA MAN JAVARANCH/ERS!!!

14 years ago

Originally posted by Cameron McKenzie:
I'm just doing some hibernate, and was wondering what the naming conventions for data access objects were? Are getter methods perferred because we are essentially using a POJO paradigm?

For example:

When getting a record for a User object by primary key, what's the way to name that? With EJBs, it would be findByPrimaryKey(int key) or something? What would we use in a Hibernate app? get(int key)? getByPrimaryKey(int key)?

What about a full table request? EJBs would have a method called findAll(). What is it with Hibernate? I've seen a method called List used, but I don't like the fact that a method named list conflicts with the Hibernate Session's list() method. Do we call the method getAll()?

So, what are the conventions for:

Create Methods? ***Just call them create(argument list)?***
Delete Methods? ***Just call them delete?***
Update Methods? ***Just call them update?***
Finder/Getter Methods? ***retrive? get? find?***


-Cameron McKenzie

in the past i've used persist, get, and delete. my get method for objects requiring key is get<EntityName>(key). for example:

in cases where my hibernate mapping defines a composite key, i pass in an object that encapsulates the multiple attributes that form the key.

for find, what i've done in the past is pass a search object criteria to my finder method. for example:

my find method would then look something like

of course not all criteria may be specified so in my dao i would only use attributes in my EmployeeSearchCriteria object that has a value.

hope this makes sense.

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
It depends what is in between your local computer and this IP address.


Same at work, I can set up my local machine as a server, but it can only be accessed from wiothin the office unless the admin exposes it to the outside world. Again he would do this by routing requests for some external IP/port to my machine.


however, if you're just hosting this at home then is your friend even if you have a router in between your pc and the internet provider. a noip client (which you have to instaull in your pc where tomcat is running) updates the dns with your router's ip address and it does this at different interval times so when your internet provider sends you a different ip, your dns is updated. of course, its very possible people accessing your site may be caught in between ip address change.

if you do decide to do this, you may have to configure port forwarding in your router (assuming use one at home) if you want your tomcat to use a different http port number.
16 years ago

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
According to Associated Press' Seth Borenstein in the next 50-100 years San Francisco will lose Fisherman's Wharf and Embarcadero (the rest of the city will be destroyed by the Big One, an earthquake which is predicted to happen in the next 30 years with 65% probability.)

good thing i moved to minnesotta...and now snow is getting lesser each year.

just have to avoid the tornadoes.
16 years ago

Originally posted by dennis zined:
who am i?

'i am what i am'

- Popeye The Sailor Man
16 years ago
or have your parents co-sign you
[ September 20, 2007: Message edited by: dennis zined ]
16 years ago
looks like the guy survived...nothing mentioned about the snake.
16 years ago
who am i?
16 years ago
'Eclipse' is the bomb...nice and simple.
16 years ago