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Recent posts by kevin chang

Hi Andrew,
The result as follows,

Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Date Taken: 2003-07-28 04:07:52.780
Registration Number: j45syd503c
Site: cn66
Grade: F
Score: 149
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section, and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible score is 155; the minimum to pass is 124. General Considerations (maximum = 58): 58 Documentation (maximum = 20): 20 GUI (maximum = 24): 22 Server (maximum = 53): 49

If you need to resubmit your assignment, return to the test history screen, press the 'Assignments' button, and follow the instructions.

I have sent a email to SunCert, but still got no response from them.
I think I passed SCJD 149/155 marks in Auguest 2003, still I can't recieve the certification. Recently I got a email that I didn't passed SCJD. Cause the website of that SunCert changed a lot , I couldn't find the history page which has the marks and the result they give me , what should I do?
1.Cuz there is no response in my oracle database, server and client when i run my programme, i want to trace the programme in remote EJB. Is there any way to do that like execute client java codes step by step?
2.I am writing my CMP but got some confused about the database key and EJB key class. if i want to create a record , should i use codes in a session bean like this?

should i just set LEGID in Key Class while the other two field should not set to null in database?
Best Regards
try to confirm the relationship in your ejb-jar.xml , maybe it's probably the casesensitive question.
in CMP, it seems that i can't use select max(FIELD) from TABLE in the EJB-QL. any suggestion about pick the max value?
serval days ago , a company give me a question about writing a simple jsp and servlet calling a session bean.
it couldn't be a html , i think.
20 years ago
only servlet classes are writen in web.xml , the submit class is writen in action in jsp
20 years ago
SingalThreadModal allows one thread access the Servelt at one time, it takes effect on Class valiables, it doesn's make new instance of class valiables, but MulitiThreadModal does. Servlet is default as MulitiThreadModal. you can also singal thread by sychronized the codes or methods.
20 years ago

i 'm using jbuilder , so that's the key point about security , could u share yours web,xml and give me an easy example?
20 years ago
i have set tomcat with new user and password in the role of tomcat, and use basic login mechanisms , but there is no confim user name and password window popup when i can the servlet, should make some security change in IE? any suggestion?
20 years ago
i think i do right deploy them in the file u refer to.

why still can't connect to JMS?
i 'm wondering
i recieved my message in JMS, but can't consume it with MDB. I might think that MDB didn't correctly connect to JMS , what should i put i ebj-jar.xml to right connect to JMS?
i correctly delploy mdb with weblogic in connecting factory and destination name , but in weblogic it can just received my message but can't System.out.println() the code in my MDB. i could see that JMSconnection is false in weblogic. is it necessary? any suggestion about deploy in MDB?