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Recent posts by Frans Ntsowe

Hi there,
I am from South Africa, I have been working for the past 7 years with Java now an architect with one of the leading insurance companies in the continent. I also has a post grad degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (Joint). Also did my some of the Java Certification.
Hi all,
I would like to know that, on average how long does the assignement take.
The question is that I have just downloaded my assignment today. And I have been going through the site since I started my part 1. And passed it with good marks.

Some of you have taken this assigment how long can it take the person like myself who is usually working from 9 - 17h00 would take me.

I would appreciate your response.
And how long did it take you to complete your assignment.

Congrats man,

I am also considering to take very soon.

18 years ago
Congrats Roy, I also got the same mark on monday the 5th of July. I will start to download the exam next monday. So that makes the two of us who are new to do part 2.

I would like to enquire about the books to use to study for the above mentioned exam.

I am so delighted with the mark so far.. even tough the study, the basic things for the enterprise java beans container model did trick me a little bit. That was the only section in the exam that I failed. I think I have to read more. Anyway I have to thank everyone in the forum for their assistance

Kind regards

18 years ago
Thanks Ray, point taken, that is why I am using the whizlabs simulators with study guides and ejb specs. Anyway I have lots of experience developing enterprise beans. So I do not believe that they can be that hard in the exam.
I am also writing in a weeks time, I have been putting a hole lots of efforts in the mocks exams at the moment. Yes I agree with you that this forum really encourages.


Good score indeed, we are also coming to this level and still preparing for part 1
Congrats, what a great score..... hihuuuuuu!!!
18 years ago
What i believe what you should get is, Servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0 Specification documents.And are downloadable from
So I used SCWCD book by Hanumant Deshmukh to prepare for 1.4 and I concentrated on the Specification. Especially on Designing tag libraries and the like.

What is the wait of OOAD on Part 1 of the exam ?
And since having vast experience in designing object oriented system, especially the middle tier for the past year and a half, I woulk like to know is it intense to the fact that I have to give in more time to read on or what is it I had to concentrate on when studying for SCEA Part 1...


Leave for 2day and plan for 2morrow

Hi all,
I have been working alongside with an achitect at work doing most of the design, and now I have to assume a role of an architect, so now I do not want to waste time and say I am an architect and not certify myself.
Please guys my plea is so simple, can someone recommend me a good test simulator or any free mock exam on the net.


"Leave for now, and plan for 2morrow"