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since Mar 17, 2003
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Recent posts by Suman Nagelia

Hi All,
Today I passed the Sun Cerified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 exam with 81%. Thanks to everyone for all their help and this forum was really very helpful to me.
Keep it up.
Thanks again
21 years ago
Thanks everyone for your little piece of advice. My score in marcus green exams were > 80%.
I am taking my Certification exam for Java 1.4 next Monday. I took all Dan't mock test and marcus green. Do you think it's enough for me to go for exam?
Please advice me. I am very nervous.
As far my understanding of TreeMap it'll not accept any null key.
I have one problem with the following question answer:

a. Stores key/value pairs.
b. Allows null elements, keys, and values.
c. Duplicate entries replace old entries.
d. Entries are sorted using a comparator or the
Comparable interface.

Which of these classes provides the specified features?
a. LinkedList
b. TreeMap
c. TreeSet
d. HashMap
e. HashSet
f. Hashtable
g. None of the above

Answer is TreeMap
But according to my understanding answer should be g. None of the above as TreeMap doesn't satisfies the second condition "b. Allows null elements, keys, and values." Treemap allows null values but doesn't allow null key .
Can anyone give more thought on this and explain to me is anywhere I am wrong in understanding the question or what?
So Luciano you mean to say I shouldn't consider them as keyword for purpose of exam.
Can anyone tell me specifically for the purpose of exam whether we should conside true, false and null as keyword or not? As in some books it's listed under keywords.
Plese help me out.
I have one problem in understanding the o/p of the following statements:
1. System.out.println(Math.min(-0.0,+0.0));
2. System.out.println(Math.max(-0.0,+0.0));
3. System.out.println(Math.min(-0.0,+0.0) == Math.max(0.0,+0.0));
o/p is: -0.0
First two o/p are quite clear but I have problem with the third one why it's giving true? According to my understanding it should give false as Math.min(-0.0,+0.0)) is -0.0 and Math.max(-0.0,+0.0)) is 0.0 so when compare both it's not equal so false.
Can anyone explain this to me?
Thanks in advance.