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I read in a magazine that many employers do not value an online degree or at least they do not value it as much as a standard degree. They wonder what it means. Look into accreditation of the program and how well accepted it is (check with school).
Also, technical skills alone do not win the day, especially in our current environment. You have to understand the key problems of your some target business adreas. I do not really understand the current technology recession. If you can figure out why it is happening in your domains, then you can better adjust your strategy.
In part, I think firms buy less software and maintain less software because of the availability of open source code as well as declining demand.
The degree is less about what you know. It shows that you can work hard and learn new stuff. Also, employers have huge principle-agent problems. Employers want people who are "easy" to get along with and honest. They want your "good" qualities to cover all the situations that a contract cannot handle.
DataComm and Databases are very useful.
I would go towards courses that build Web Services skills. I feel this is going to be a growing area.
19 years ago
I am new to this. I need to use the input from the console to make some programming decisions. Next I want to append some values to this console input. Finally, I want to turn it into a bytestream and make it part of the SendData in a UDP DatagramPacket.
Below is my code to tokenize the console input. It compiles, but hangs up when I use java to execute it. If I hit enter twice it runs. However, the tokens are not displayed. But it does display the bytes.
question 1. How do I prevent the hangup when
I execute the program?
question 2. Why will not the tokens display?
question 3. How do I append constants to the console input and then send via a Datagram Packet (e.g., use .getBytes).
try {

InputLine = inFromUser.readLine();
if (InputLine==null) return;

str = new StringTokenizer(InputLine);
text = str.nextToken();
destination = str.nextToken();
bitrateStr = str.nextToken();
//Convert bitrate into a float object and then convert float object into a Float data type
bitrate = (Float.valueOf(bitrateStr)).floatValue();
sentence2 = inFromUser.readLine();
sentence2 = sentence2 + "0";