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Recent posts by girish hegde

the cost is 13000+ less than 14000. I had seen it on a notice board when i had gone to give the SJCP but now i do not remember the exact figure
hi guys i also want to appear for SJCD. I have cleared SJCP.
my email is
ok man good question
21 years ago
hi guys at last i passed.
this was my second attempt.
last time i got 69% in the old pattern1
this time 76%
i am a programmer and have worked both in asp and java.
but what is in the certification is different from work.
tommorow i am joining my new job.
i did not read any books this time.
last time i had not given any mock exams
this time i gave about 15 mock exams.
the new pattern is easier than the old pattern.
it is clearly mentioned how many questions to answer so no confusion.
prepare io properly
it is very easy to score in io
i got 100%
also got 100% in util.
i have worked on Collections so i knew it
it is easy.
just keep in mind which class implements what.
and what should be used when
only one question in thread was confusing.i must have got that wrong cause i got 85% in threads.
give the real exam after you start getting 80% in the mocks.
All old mock exams are valid.
the fundas are the same.
Biggest thanx to MUMMY and PAPPA.
they kept encouraging me always.
javaranch is of course the best site.
and thanx to all you guys out there.

21 years ago
congrats man!
let the mistake go to hell
you passed with a great score
great man congratulations!!!

all damn double crossers.
trying to be loyal to both microsoft and sun.
so sex is related to java certification.
if a 12 year old passes i hope i will also pass.
congratulatins to the kid.
we should have a stock market of certifications.
so that all the certifications are traded and their intrinsic value is known to everybody.
today's rate
mcsd-5000 Rs
cne-6000 Rs
sun java certification- 15000Rs

hi man time for beer and vodka.
good go to the US.
please mail some example questions.
my mail is
best of luck.
congratulations man,
so party time.
hope it will be party time for me soon also
hey ajit,
which system are you working on.
on a windows system it does not make much of a difference wheather you put Thread.yeild() or not because it is time sliced.
if you are working on a pre-emptive system then it might make a difference.
In windows Thread.sleep(1000) acts as though for 1000ms the thread has stopped and allows other threads to run.
i don't know what kind of a compiler you are using.
when you compile this code it will compile without any problem.
but when you run it an ArithmeticException will be thrown.
there are two kinds of exceptions.
One which come from Exception class
and another which come from RuntimeException
those which come from Exception are called checked exception i.e the compiler checks if they are properly caught or whatever.
But those which come from RuntimeException occur only at runtime.
It is bad practise to catch RuntimeExceptions.
one should see that they are avoided in the program.
i think it is a convention that should be followed.
however in the exam stick to
public static void main(String args[]) or one of its varieties.
congrats man,
and thank you for your writing
21 years ago