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Recent posts by Ann-Lis Hermansson

Hello Evelyn,
I have not understood what you meant all times (that is why I waited to register until very late...). Is it so that more than 600 have registered for the exam, and only the first 600 will be able to take it, or are there only allowed to register 600? I know you have sent out more than 600 vouchers, but how many are allowed to register?
I have registered for monday 7:th as many others, and would like to know my chances of taking the exam... ie how seriously I should study this weekend... Here in Sweden, we must register or change date latest 2 workdays before, so changing date is not possible anymore ...
Thanks in advance.
Hello, I would also like to have that mock-up test. Please send it to
Thanks in advance!
/ Ann-Lis

Originally posted by Salvador Villavieja:
The correct answer is "A and D". This was one of the questions on the one and only mock-up test where I managed to score a 100%. I can e-mail that mock-up test to anybody who wants it.

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Do you know if this new exam will be like programmer, ie just questions, or like developer, an assignment? Or perhaps, a mixture of both?
/ Ann-Lis

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
In the newest edition, the Dev Exam comes in two treatments, and covers about 250 pages ... about the content.... you can ask me if you like

I have read the chapters for scjd in the "old" edition, and also in the java certification 1.1 written by Barry Boone (the yellow and black book). Boone:s chapters had an example assignment and also one possible solution for it, and a step wise discussion on each detail area eg. sockets, gui, ... (however, not with rmi, I think only sockets were the option then), something I miss in the Heller book. However, the newer Boone cert book has so bad reviews, so I'm not considering buying it.
I wonder, has the new version of Hellers book changed, or is it the same approach, just more chapters (more subjects). As I see it, they discuss on a high level, giving not so much help (less examples, just discussing pros and cons). Its easy to get confused.
I find it very hard to find good training for scjd, as it is so specialized.
/ Annie