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josie chen

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Recent posts by josie chen

I began to write code by Java in September 2001.
Since preparing SCJP, it makes me know more about 'What is JAVA'
I referenced maha's steps.
First round, go thru R&H book and thinking in java. took some test per charpers.
It's very important to test that code when you feel strange or cannot figure out the reason.
write down your personal notes and questions for review quickly.
take a look for assertion and GC, I think it is very helpful. (I am still confused by GC now. Hah..)
Repeat above completely then start to do mock exams and Review your notes.
Finally, took Marcus' mock exams, Dan Chisholm mock exam, visited javaranch forum.
When I can take 75%-88%, I bought voucher and scheduled SCJP exam.
If you want to completely understanding JAVA and have time enough, I suggest should spend more time to study JLS.
Because it's really hard for me in reading, I just picked Thread and Lock as well as Execution charpter.
This is my preparation for SCJP.
Hope it can help you a little.
Well, I have to thanks Dan Chisholm and Maha.
Dan explanation of test very clear and give me to get correct solution quickly.
Maha provide rich resouces realted with SCJP.
Thank you all.

18 years ago
javaranch helps me a lot in passing exam
So that I can pass it in 95% today.
thank you all.
especially Marcus for his mock exam.
18 years ago

1) Compilation and run but no output
2) Compilation and run with the output "Running"
3) Compile time error with complaint of no Thread target
4) Compile time error with complaint of no access to Thread package
The answer 2 is absolutely right.
But I think the answer 1 might be right, too.
When thread's start() method is called, in theory, it registers to thread scheduler and ready to run.If I am wrong, please correct me.

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Very appreciate you, Jim.
The explaination is very clear.
I think I shoudn't rely on develper tool too much. Cause the results are different.
18 years ago
sorry, maybe my testing code is incorrect. could you give me an example to explain 'instance initializers in anonymous class can throw any exception.'
thank you very much.
18 years ago
according to JLS, instance initializers in anonymous class can throw any exception.
I don't know if my imagination of those code is correct or not. Since all I try cause compile error.
this is my testing code:
class AnonyExcptTest{
public void test() {
new AnonyExcptTest(){
// I suppose to add exception here.
throw new Exception();
public void mytest() throws Exception{
throw new Exception();
Who can help me to figure out?
Thanks a lot!
[ April 02, 2003: Message edited by: josie chen ]
18 years ago