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Ruby is severside if you consider javascript client side.
Ruby adheres to agile dev concepts and is the route to take if you are a subscriber of the whole 'Agile Development' school of thought.
15 years ago
as they say there are no stupid questions...

Can someone compare/contrast the capabilities of the three?

I am in the initial stages of a web2 project and need to decide which route to take. Any comments/experiences will be highly appreciated.


Originally posted by Nakata kokuyo:
hi good day, i have limited knowledge in hibernate, would it be easy to learn iBatis ? also is there any sample to show how to use ibatis ?

thank you

try ibatis home page
.. and that is what I like about iBatis.

Make your own schema's and have as much fine tuned, intricate queries as you like. Go wild! iBatis will map the result-set to your objects with lightning speed... as long as you have defined the mapping correctly!

also there is abator
[ December 05, 2006: Message edited by: Salman Khattak ]

Hello Ganesan Ponnusamy,

Can you comment on the subject please?

Salman Khattak
Software Architect
I am a SCJP and would rather not add SCJA credentials as I am afraid it will demote my experience status.
16 years ago

Collections Framework
The Collections Framework has been enhanced in the following ways:

* Three new language features are targeted at collections: Generics, Enhanced for Loop, and Autoboxing.
* Three new interfaces have been added to the framework (two of which are part of java.util.concurrent): Queue, BlockingQueue, and ConcurrentMap.
* Two concrete implementations of Queue have been added, as well as one skeletal implementation.
* Five blocking queue implementations have been added, and one ConcurrentMap implementation.
* Special-purpose Map and Set implementations are provided for use with typesafe enums.
* Special-purpose copy-on-write List and Set implementations have been added.
* Wrapper implementations are provided to add dynamic type-safety for most collection interfaces.
* Several new algorithms are provided for manipulating collections.
* Methods are provided to compute hash codes and string representations for arrays.
16 years ago
hmmm... I am wondering, if someone can point the driving force for yet another desing patterns book. Ofcourse, we do get something new everytime we read a different perspective. But I would really appreciate, if the authors could articulate their perspective. Regards.
i would use regular expressions to check valid email addresses. has good regex
17 years ago
I have seen code reused so many times in the real world. For example, Look at all the libraries available from apache commons. In our applications we extend a number of classes thereby reusing tried and tested code. Reducing chances of bugs inherently present in untested code. I do not support the notion that reuse is non existent. Hope this helped.
Thanks. Looks like another SUN inconsistency!
"The implicit variable page is of class java.lang.Object, and it refers to the instance of the generated servlet. It is declared as:
Object page = this; //this refers to the instance of this servlet.
This variable is rarely used."
SCWCD - Manning - pg213.
"A value of 0 or less means that the session will never expire"
ref: SCWCD Exam Study Kit - Manning Publication - pg 124.
"A negative number implies that the session will never timeout."
Do we have an errata for the Manning book on this?