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Recent posts by Nasko Aladjov

Dear Swing lovers,
Does anyone know if it is possible to define a CellEditor in a JTable that has bigger dimensions then its enclosing JTable-cell?
I would like create a table which contains a combo-box as a cell. Most of the items in the combo are longer than the cell, so you need to resize all the time, in order to read the cell.
Since the resizing is not always possible and i have a limited size for the table, is it possible to achieve a CellEditor, larger than the cell?
Any help is welcome.
Thank you in advance!
17 years ago
Hello Anitha,
SCJWSD=Sun Certified Java Web Service Developer.
If you follow this link SCJWSD discussion, you will find some more info.
Have a nice day !
Hello guys,
How can i get posted for the new certification programs and beta-exams?
Is there an offical way ?
And, please, share with us your impression from the beta SCJWSD.
Best regards,
Greeting Naveen,
I would say you are ready for it .
If you are confident in your theoretical knowledge, my advice is just to prepare for the exam itself.
Knowing the subject is not the same as knowing how to pass the exam.
- Get yourself the objectives for the exam and see if you feel secure in the topics desrcibed there
- To summarize the theory, you can use SCWCD Study Guide by Mikalai Zaikin (Member # 30858).
- Do visit contains links to some of the good Mock Exams on the NET.
Good luck and let us know your score
Best regards,
~Nasko (a candidate SCWCD)
Anthony and Leandro,
Thank you for your response !
I would like to clarify that i have no problems understanding the behaviour of the SingleThreadModel interface and the influence of the variables .
My concern is how to answer that question on the exam ...
Any ideas ?
Kind regards,
Greetings Prakash,
Congratulations for the good score !
I wish you all the best in your next adventure - The SCBCD.
Can you share with us your experience from the SCWCD exam - tips, tricks, unexpected topics or behaviour of the testing engine, etc.
Thank you,
17 years ago
Dear all,
I am sure i am posting a question which might be obvious to many, but it is confusing to me :
Are the servlets implementing SingleThreadModel inteface thread safe ?
i found several books and resources which state:
1. Whizlabs SCWCD simulator:

The simplest way to ensure that a servlet is thread safe is to implement the SimpleThreadModel inteface./QUOTE]
2. SCWCD Exam Study Kit:

A false sense of thread safety. Many novice developers think that implementing the SingleThreadModel interface allows them to forget about thread safety altogether.However,implementing this interface does not alleviate the problems associated with sharing the data through common means such as HttpSession and ServletContext because the requests may still be processed simultaneously by multiple instances.

3. The Servlet spec:

...This interface does not prevent synchronization problems that result from servlets accessing shared resources such as static class variables or classes outside the scope of the servlet.

To conclude:
I know that it depends on the context of the example test question, but if i have a generic question on the exam, regarding the thread safety of a servlet implementing the SingleThreadModel interface, what should be my answer?
King regards,

Dear all,
Just to cheer you up and to reply to Phanindra, i must say that the exams are never outdated. Even the old ones share lots of base knowledge with the new ones. I guess, the difference between the new SCWCD 1.4 and 1.3 will not be more that 10-20%... The diffefrence between SCJP 1.4 and 1.2 was not more than 15%!
Therefore, i would advice you - Phanindra - to go ahead with your preparation for SCWCD 1.3. If the next release comes, it will be a piece of cake for you .
Huan, studying for SCWCD 1.3 will give you a lot of confidence in your education. The technologies which you can see nowadays are based on up to J2EE 1.3 specs. So, take the (excellent) 'SCWCD Exam Study Kit' book and go for it.
Have a nice day !
Dear all,
we are having a problem with connectivity between JBOSS and tibcoJMS server.
We are trying to get jboss to work with tibcoJMS server using topics. After following instructions from vendors to change some files in jboss/deploy and conf directory, we created a message-driven bean. We started JBoss, which gives two errors:
1.) 13:19:47,267 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] MBeanException: Exception in MBean operation 'checkIncompleteDeployments()'
Cause: Incomplete Deployment listing:
2.) 13:19:59,220 ERROR [DLQHandler] Initialization failed
javax.jms.JMSException: Error creating the dlq connection: Failed to query JNDI: Failed to connect to the server at tcp://jms_server:7222
Are we missing something ?
Any ideas are welcome !
King redards,
17 years ago
Hey Johny !
This is an amazing result .
I wish you all the best in covering the rest of the Sun exams.
Keep going !
17 years ago
Hi Victor,
I think most of your colleagues dare to take the SCWCD with less experience . Do not hesitate to try.
Some steps to start:
1. Buy a good book for the certification - for example "SCWCD Exam Study Kit" ISBN 1-930110-59-6.
2. Do try lots of exercises, while following a book or a course. Prefer to try more than to memorize.
3. Struts experience will help you a lot (just be careful - Struts hide a lot in its tags, and you need to know what...)
4. Keep always an eye on the Servlet and the JSP specs - they are the main reference, and - believe me - they are not boring to read
5. Follow the Java ranch SCWCD thread...
I wish you a good luck !
17 years ago
Congartulations Denny !
This is a wonderful score.
Tell me, what would be the difference between SCWCD (1.3) and SCWCD (1.4)?
Do you know something that is not published yet ?
Do you have an idea, when the new certificate is comming?
Cheers and keep going !
17 years ago
Dear all,
I passed the SCBCD today with 95%.
Here is my experience from the exam itself:
1. The exam is quite challenging, therefore read carefully the
questions - several times!
2. It is tricky when you review the Drag-'n-drop questions - the
dialog with your answers cannot display again your answers, so it
asks you either to NOT edit it, or to start from scratch.
3. The exam expects you to know in details the components' life-cycle
and (even) the exact syntax of the most DD tags - so better try them
References and books that i used:
1. The EJB 2.0 spec - should be your bible.
2. EJB 2.0 API - should be known by heart!
3. "Head First EJB: Passing the Sun Certified Business Component
Developer Exam" by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
- a wonderful book, not only for exam-lovers, but also for
professionals who need a well organised reference.
Thank you, Kathy and Bert for the precious guidence !
- keep in mind that the book assumes certain knowledge in EJB area,
so do not start it if you are a greenhorn - it is not a tutorial.
4. The EJB 2.0 matrix -
Test engines that i used:
1. Whizlabs SCBCD simulator - the simulator helped me a lot for the
preparation. On the other hand, be aware that the simulator has:
- lots of typos !
- at least 25 NOT correct answers - my advice is always to check in
the spec for the truth.
- few question which are not clear and confusing.
- at least one dialog (D'n'D) which cannot be open at the final
- most of the D'n'D dialogs are poorly designed.
My professional experience was important to cover most of the exam points:
1. Developing enterprise applications with Java and Microsoft
2. Experience with BEA Weblogic and JBoss application server.
3. Teaching Sun and BEA technologies.
4. Teaching various Java, J2EE and EJB courses.
5. Working experience with an advanced J2EE product - OptimalJ, which
based on MDA, generates a compatible J2EE code.
I hope my comments would help you for your preparation.
Wish you all good luck !
17 years ago
Dear all,
What do you think is the best approach to connect EJBs deployed in two different(!) application servers ?
I have a Trader EJB in appserver X. I create another EJB - Customer - and deploy it in appserver Y.
Trader EJB "lives" in the JNDI of X. Customer - in Y.
How to make Customer call the Trader ?
Any ideas ?
Best regards,
Hello all,
does anibody know how to connect WLS 7.0 JNDI to an external JNDI service provider?
Any ideas ?
Best regards,
18 years ago