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Recent posts by Hema Menon

I had a similar question, on what the book is about. But then I found the link that Kent posted in a different topic.

This is for the first chapter of the book. The pattern is for programming habits that results in readable code. Read more at the link above.
I would totally agree with Jenny based on my experience in using Head First PMP for my PMP preparation. If you serious about getting PMP certification, you need to read PMBOK guide multiple times and understand the concepts. But the PMBOK guide like any other reference books contains theory which could make us fall asleep or lose interest. Reading HF PMP first makes the task of reading PMBOK guide much easier.

I am a fan of HF series, which is why I checked out HF PMP book. And I must say, the authors did not disappoint me. HF series still rules.
PMI randomly selects certain applications for audit. If selected for Audit, you are required to provide proofs of experience and education, which includes experience certificates from the employers that you have used and educational qualification information.
I have used Head First PMP for my PMP preparation. I have been recommending the book to everyone. The beauty of the book is the way it explains the concepts. For every concept, the book describes a scenario to make us help understand the concept. Just like any other book in Head First series, there is always the fun part in learning. There are questions, crossword puzzles, etc to test your understanding.
Glad to see Andrew & Jenny at Javaranch!
Head First PMP helps you understand Project Management concepts clearly. If you do not have any PM experience this book is for you, especially since it explains project management concepts very well. You might find the regular PM books consisting of just theory and it could turn out to be quite dry. Head First PMP, like any other book in the Head First Series makes learning enjoyable.
Did anyone notice Google's logo today? The 'L' seems to be missing

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17 years ago
Thanks Ilja! That's what makes JavaRanch the place to be!

Originally posted by Ilja Preuss:

But that wouldn't be really nice, would it? I'd rather help people to learn to help themselves than punish them. I think it's more productive...

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18 years ago
My choice would be

E: Blonde with Stripes


- She looks smart
- She is confident
- She looks intelligent
- She looks pleasing
- She has a pattern on her shirt (Could you ever find a pattern more simper than parallel lines?)
- She looks professional
- She is just like any other Engineer/Programmer who is likely to take a look at the book
- She defies the notion of blonde not being brainy, for she looks brainy
- Patterns are for professionals, who already know the basics, she seems to be just the one
- She looks capable of taking up a challenge, without stress
- She is me (No, I am not blonde, but she looks like what I am, what I want to be, confident, pleasing, professional, waiting to be challenged)

- Head First Design Patterns should have her, E. Blonde with Stripes
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19 years ago
Thank you Thomas! Just what I've been looking for. I am trying to understand some of the velocity templates used by Jetspeed portal. Your article gives a quick introduction to velocity.
As always, Thanks!
The name says it all!!!

20 years ago
Map,Do you happen to have an AOL account??? I am tired of hitting "Report Spam" when mails like these come to my account!
20 years ago
Moose sounds like Map!
20 years ago
On April Fool's day, I see the forum descriptions in multi-colors( yellow, pink,.. ). Can barely read some
Is this a joke?
Oh, BTW, Who's the Moose??
20 years ago