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Was this issue resolved? I am facing a similar situation wherein I have a request with multi-refs that I want to parse. Could you let me know if you have a solution?

- Ranga
13 years ago
External Job Description Postion: Software Development Engineer
Location: Burbank, CA

Our Offer Applications team at YSM in Burbank is seeking an experienced senior software engineer. This position will include analysis, design and coding of high performance offer quality systems. These systems algorithmically review millions of offers each day and provide reviewed ads to serving systems with high degree of quality.

Basic qualifications include the following:

*Demonstrated software development experience on the Java platform (Java, J2EE, J2SE).
*Proven experience in the full product life cycle from requirements analysis to design and coding, and providing automated testing in the Java platform.
*Interest in programming high performance systems that process millions of transactions each day in real time.

Preferred qualifications include the following:

* 2+ years hands on programming in Java
* 1+ years experience with EJBs 1 year, JMS 1 year, JBoss a plus.
* 1+ years experience with Web Services and XML.
* 1+ years experience with Linux or other Unix platform.
* 1+ years experience with JDBC.
* Experience with User Interface design is a plus.
* 2+ years experience with SQL Databases, Oracle 10g is a plus
* Familiar with open source libraries, Struts and spring frameworks a plus

If interested, please email your resumes to sreenivr at yahoo-inc.com

[ Edited to include location and post date in subject - Paul Sturrock ]
[ August 28, 2007: Message edited by: Paul Sturrock ]
16 years ago

Originally posted by kayal cox:
The only time I ever ate anything similar to authentic Tamilian food was at Saravana Bhavan when I was visiting Bay Area.

Yum, yum!!! Can't wait to get home now!!!
Saravana Bhavan rocks and so does Thirupathi Bhimas.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Arjunkumar Shastry:
All Indian newspapers are skillfully avoiding about "What India is giving
[ July 21, 2005: Message edited by: Arjunkumar Shastry ]

Hmmm, it doesn't seem as bad as it sounds. :roll:
They are opening up the "Civilian" installations for inspection. And what's wrong with that? It would ensure that the environment that these installations work in are safe.
Now segregating "Civilian" from "Military" installations would be quite a task
18 years ago

Originally posted by Edwin Keeton:
Formula One racing is "road" racing in that the race tracks roughly simulate winding country roads rather than being a "simple" circle or oval shape.

Good one!!!
18 years ago

Originally posted by Kishore Dandu:
Only drawback is dark fight sequences and the director needs to shed his 'Memento' ideals.

What do you mean by "Shed his 'Memento' ideals"? Didn't u like "Memento"? Personally I think its a classic. :roll:
18 years ago

Originally posted by Kev Board:
My client based in the City is looking for an excellent Java Developer to help finish and tweak a new codebase.

Which city???
19 years ago
Man o man!! What a game to start the season!!!
Two missed chances to take the lead, the Colts may remember this for a long time to come...
All in all, it was a good game!!!
19 years ago

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Beatles - hands down

Of course ... no contest here...

Next on my list is GNR
... and Scorpions
... and Genesis
... and Def Leapord
... and Queen
19 years ago
The Manchurian Candidate is worth watching. Collateral was really good.
Haven't seen The Village yet.
19 years ago

Manmohan Singh to be PM

Great news!!! He is really qualified and there couldn't have been a more appropriate and deserving candidate from the Congress camp.
Lets see if the markets can gain some lost ground...And hope the Leftists don't break any progressive measures that would taken by this government

19 years ago

Originally posted by Kishore Dandu:

US has less voting percentage than India. How about that. Does that make it less democratic or less mature a democracy.

Am I supposed to rejoice over the fact that the voting percentage in India is more than that of the US...You can't compare the demographic of the US with that of India. :roll:
Why do we have to compare our voting percentage with that of any other country???
19 years ago
* I can't digest the fact that a person just by virtue of being a wife of someone from the power-crazy "Nehru" family is bound to become the PM.
* The foreign-origin issue aside, what has she achevied in her public life? Why don't we compare her achievements with that of another "Gandhi" widow (Maneka Gandhi)?
* Rahul Gandhi is an MP now. What has HE done to become an MP (other than be a member of the "Gandhi" family)?
* Don't give me CR**** like this is a democratic election and the Indian voter is a mature enough to choose the right candidate. Of the 55% who voted, how many are literates? How many actually know that "Rahul Gandhi is not the Mahatma's grandson"? Don't turn this into a literate vs non-literate discussion. I'm not saying that a literate always makes a sane decision. But the probability of a literate person evaluating the issues and then voting is a lot more compared to this blind faith in the "Gandhi" family.
* And I sure am enraged by the fact that the other 45% of the eligible voters didn't cast their vote. Such a shame to let ANYBODY become the PM.
19 years ago

Originally posted by R K Singh:

finally India is shining, does it matter whether it was fixed or not

Excellent win!!!
19 years ago

Originally posted by Syam Veerakumar:
What r you guys thinking now as already 3 races won by Schumi and Ferrari.....

Am still sticking with my previous statement :roll:
(Montoya/BMW) He was so close in Bahrain...
19 years ago