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Recent posts by S. Palanigounder

TOGAF is a higher level architecture framework. It is why most Java developers/architects do not know it.

Ulises, Can you provide the override implementation for hashCode and equals that works?
14 years ago

Michael Angstadt wrote:

S. Palanigounder wrote:The default equals method uses the bit-wise comparison.

No it doesn't...it compares the reference values for equality, as in:

What is the difference between "==" operator and "equals" method?

For example, String a=”12”; String b=”12”; String c= new String(“12”); They all have same content. But are they "==" or "equals"?
14 years ago

If you do not overwrite the equals method, which means using the default equals method, your code works fine.
The default equals method uses the bit-wise comparison.
14 years ago
If hashCode is overwritten correctly, nothing will happen. The object can be the correct key used in HashMap.
14 years ago
When hashCode() is override, but not equals(), what will happen when object is used as the key in HashMap?
14 years ago

In response to the staggering numbers of American workers who have lost their jobs

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UNEMPLOYMENTLIFELINE.COM: http://www.unemploymentlifeline.com/

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This site also allows unemployed workers to talk to others who are in similar situations and gives

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Share this site with your members, community and family

For more information call your local AFL-CIO Community Services staff or the AFL-CIO Community Services Regional Director, Armando Olivas at 213-387-1974 ext. 17

14 years ago

ArrayList<int> al1 = new ArrayList<int>();
ArrayList<Integer> al2 = new ArrayList<Integer>();

Any difference between them?
14 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Do you you have an opinion on that?

For the people originally from India, it might be an OK deal. Otherwise, it would be hard.
15 years ago