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Recent posts by sunita shaw

I want to use loadrunner for my project for testing web-based application. I need few information.Can anyone help me out:
1.What could be the Test Datas that I should be needing for testing an
application for an e-commerce website
2what are the basic criterias that I have to focus on for testing initially?
3.Is there any server setup that is needed in order to use Loadrunner for my e-commerce website
18 years ago
Plz let me know how can I get zero in a cell whose format is set to a date format

C3 K3 I3
System testing 10-Feb-06 11-Feb-06

IF(OR(C3="Test Planning",C3="Project Planning"),IF(K3<>"",K3,I3),0)

But here I get 00-Jan-00 if it dose not match...
How can i get a zero displayed
18 years ago
Please help...
I came across this problem and kindof stuck up
The query is

IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH("Project Planning",$C$3:$C$3)),IF(K3<>"",K3,I3))

I also want to check if its not "Project Planning" then is it "System Test"
if its not "System Test" then is it "Regression Testing" and then check the second IF statement i.e IF(K3<>"",K3,I3)

How can I check for multiple using OR statement before IF(K3<>"",K3,I3) is executed
18 years ago
In my Excel matrix

1.VLOOKUP("Project Planning",C3:H3,6,FALSE) returened a "#N/A" when there is no "Project Planning" found in that cell .But I would like to replace "#N/A" by zero..How can I do that
2.I enabled a macro on my worksheet but when I am trying to disable or delete just refuses to do so..How can i do it...

Plzz help
18 years ago
Thanx but thats not a metrix or some formula..its just an online calculater..can anyone else come up withthing good...
18 years ago
Right now I am in urgent need for a metrix sheet or some formulas to calculate the Defect efficiency...a metrix/formula to calculate the cost, defects(design,requirement,coding,testing)and schedule etc...
Dont suggest me the comp dosent want to use that....Plzz help if anyone of u are using any metrix sheet in ur company , can u send me the template...
18 years ago
UPDATE Ruby SET `eprodstatus` = 'InActive' where `vSKU` = '127712' , '127713' , 127714';

I want to set the word "Inactive" in 3 of the rows to the field with vsku= '127712' , '127713' and 127714';
My above query does not work.What is the query for making multiple updation to a column
Kindly let me know urgently as I have a release and I am stuck!!!
Thanx Peter for ur immediate reply..Okay can u help me out with this...

what is the query to update a column of a table by 5%
Tablename roduct
Column name : Sale

So now I want to update Sale column by 5% so there is a query to do that.
Kindly let me know as I am getting error with this one:

UPDATE table Product SET Sale = ((Sale * 5)/100);
I want to update my column say(phone-number) for all the cusomers.How can i change all the phone numbers by running just one query.So I exported it in the form of an excel/cvs sheet & then easily modified the column & now how do i import it back so that just that column is modified.
I want to update all the datas of one of the column of a table in my SQL database. I am using cpanel tool to manage/keep a track of my database.I exported the data in an excel sheet/CVS and have already modified it .How do I import the sheet back into that table such that it updates just that column.
I have to manage my site.Kindly let me know asap.

Hey friends help me gather answers to these questions.It will be of help for all of us for late use.Friends I have an interview tomorrow.Please can anybody help me out.


These questions are used for software tester or SQA (Software Quality Assurance) positions. Refer to The Real World of Software Testing for more information in the field.

1. The top management was feeling that when there are any changes in the technology being used, development schedules etc, it was a waste of time to update the Test Plan. Instead, they were emphasizing that you should put your time into testing than working on the test plan. Your Project Manager asked for your opinion. You have argued that Test Plan is very important and you need to update your test plan from time to time. It�s not a waste of time and testing activities would be more effective when you have your plan clear. Use some metrics. How you would support your argument to have the test plan consistently updated all the time.
2. The QAI is starting a project to put the CSTE certification online. They will use an automated process for recording candidate information, scheduling candidates for exams, keeping track of results and sending out certificates. Write a brief test plan for this new project.
3. The project had a very high cost of testing. After going in detail, someone found out that the testers are spending their time on software that doesn�t have too many defects. How will you make sure that this is correct?
4. What are the disadvantages of overtesting?
5. What happens to the test plan if the application has a functionality not mentioned in the requirements?
6. You are given two scenarios to test. Scenario 1 has only one terminal for entry and processing whereas scenario 2 has several terminals where the data input can be made. Assuming that the processing work is the same, what would be the specific tests that you would perform in Scenario 2, which you would not carry on Scenario 1?
7. Your customer does not have experience in writing Acceptance Test Plan. How will you do that in coordination with customer? What will be the contents of Acceptance Test Plan?
8. How do you know when to stop testing?
9. What can you do if the requirements are changing continuously?
10. What is the need for Test Planning?
11. What are the various status reports you will generate to Developers and Senior Management?
12. Define and explain any three aspects of code review?
13. Why do you need test planning?
14. Explain 5 risks in an e-commerce project. Identify the personnel that must be involved in the risk analysis of a project and describe their duties. How will you prioritize the risks?
15. What are the various status reports that you need generate for Developers and Senior Management?
16. You have been asked to design a Defect Tracking system. Think about the fields you would specify in the defect tracking system?
17. Write a sample Test Policy?
18. Explain the various types of testing after arranging them in a chronological order?
19. Explain what test tools you will need for client-server testing and why?
20. Explain what test tools you will need for Web app testing and why?
21. Explain pros and cons of testing done development team and testing by an independent team?
22. Differentiate Validation and Verification?
23. Explain Stress, Load and Performance testing?
24. Describe automated capture/playback tools and list their benefits?
25. How can software QA processes be implemented without stifling productivity?
26. How is testing affected by object-oriented designs?
27. What is extreme programming and what does it have to do with testing?
28. Write a test transaction for a scenario where 6.2% of tax deduction for the first $62,000 of income has to be done?
29. What would be the Test Objective for Unit Testing? What are the quality measurements to assure that unit testing is complete?
30. Prepare a checklist for the developers on Unit Testing before the application comes to testing department.
31. Draw a pictorial diagram of a report you would create for developers to determine project status.
32. Draw a pictorial diagram of a report you would create for users and management to determine project status.
33. What 3 tools would you purchase for your company for use in testing? Justify the need?
34. Put the following concepts, put them in order, and provide a brief description of each:
* system testing
* acceptance testing
* unit testing
* integration testing
* benefits realization testing
35. What are two primary goals of testing?
36. If your company is going to conduct a review meeting, who should be on the review committe and why?
37. Write any three attributes which will impact the Testing Process?
38. What activity is done in Acceptance Testing, which is not done in System testing?
39. You are a tester for testing a large system. The system data model is very large with many attributes and there are a lot of inter-dependencies within the fields. What steps would you use to test the system and also what are the effects of the steps you have taken on the test plan?
40. Explain and provide examples for the following black box techniques?
* Boundary Value testing
* Equivalence testing
* Error Guessing
41. What are the product standards for?
* Test Plan
* Test Script and Test Report
42. You are the test manager starting on system testing. The development team says that due to a change in the requirements, they will be able to deliver the system for SQA 5 days past the deadline. You cannot change the resources (work hours, days, or test tools). What steps will you take to be able to finish the testing in time?
43. Your company is about to roll out an e-commerce application. It�s not possible to test the application on all types of browsers on all platforms and operating systems. What steps would you take in the testing environment to reduce the business risks and commercial risks?
44. In your organization, testers are delivering code for system testing without performing unit testing. Give an example of test policy:
* Policy statement
* Methodology
* Measurement
45. Testers in your organization are performing tests on the deliverables even after significant defects have been found. This has resulted in unnecessary testing of little value, because re-testing needs to be done after defects have been rectified. You are going to update the test plan with recommendations on when to halt testing. Wwhat recommendations are you going to make?
46. How do you measure:
* Test Effectiveness
* Test Efficiency
47. You found out the senior testers are making more mistakes then junior testers; you need to communicate this aspect to the senior tester. Also, you don�t want to lose this tester. How should one go about constructive criticism?
48. You are assigned to be the test lead for a new program that will automate take-offs and landings at an airport. How would you write a test strategy for this new program?
18 years ago
Actually I want to know , how do I write the code if i want to mention the particular drive in which the image lies.
is it this was :
CamImage1.URL = "http:\\\c:\New Folder\Inetpub\amit.jpg"
If not then what is the right way.
Is there no one who can help me , I've been asking for help since so long..
C'mon guys get me out of this problem , Show some humanity , do some social work and God will bless you with everything u want. trust me .
20 years ago
i'm facing problem regarding this VB coding since a number of days . I tried a lot , but now i'm tired so please someone help me .
Private Sub cmdURL1_Click()
CamImage1.URL = "http:\\\New Folder\Inetpub\amit.jpg"
CamImage1.Stretch = True
CamImage1.Display = True
MsgBox ("lk")
End Sub

what I want is to access an image on another pc placed in c: particularly.
From the above code , how will the compiler know in which drive to search for that particular image .
Do we mention the drive to on that machine . If so how.
Please help.
[ February 04, 2004: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]
i'm facing problem regarding this VB coding since a number of days . I tried a lot , but now i'm tired so please someone help me .
Private Sub cmdURL1_Click()
CamImage1.URL = "http:\\\New Folder\Inetpub\amit.jpg"
CamImage1.Stretch = True
CamImage1.Display = True
MsgBox ("lk")
End Sub

what I want is to access an image on another pc placed in c: particularly.
From the above code , how will the compiler know in which drive to search for that particular image .
Do we mention the drive to on that machine . If so how.
Please help.