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Neeraj Kumar

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since Apr 10, 2003
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Recent posts by Neeraj Kumar

Congrats... u gotta gr8 score..
nice tips as well...
keep it up..
20 years ago
Thanx a lot...
i was looking 4 that matrix 4 long ..
can abstract and strictfp b used together for a class and method and why ??

abstract strictfp class dummy
abstract strictfp void m();

The wording of the option B is ambiguous as it attempts to join 2 totally contradictory statements with a conjunction.
The first part

You can directly run the garbage collector whenever you want to

attempts to suggest that you can invoke GC any time.. which FALSE. We can only "request" JVM to "run" GC.
While the second part

it will be schedule in due time

conveys the right and is TRUE.
So, in totality, it seems to me, that the answer is FALSE [ after all TRUE AND FALSE will give FALSE].
We can only hope such ambiguous statements do not appear in the exam
In the following piece of code, "static",a keyword, is used like a function. Yet the compilation succeds and it executes as well.
public class Static
int x=5 ;
static public int x,y ;
public static void main(String[] args)
x-- ;
myMethod() ;
System.out.println(x+y+ ++x);
public static void myMethod()
System.out.println(y = x++ + ++x) ;
However, use of any keyword as identifiers is prohibited.
Can any one explain it why
Local variables of the method live on the stack, and exist only for the lifetime of the method. Thus scope of the local variable is limited to lifetime of the method. But the Inner class objects,created on the heap, might still be alive even after the method completes. (for ex a reference to it was passed to other code).
This complication prevents method local variables from being used by the Method Local Inner Class unless the variable are marked final