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Recent posts by Manish Kamat

i've given ejb-ref-name but still it gives error.
my weblogic-ejb-jar.xml is as follows:
anything wrong in ref given by me?
i'm looking up for entity bean from seesion bean usual way
e.g. ctx.lookup("project.packageB")
please correct me if I'm wrong...
when I call entity bean from stateful session bean it gives me error:ClassNotfoundException...
my entity bean is in package A, statefulbean is in package B and both packages are in project P.
If anyone can tell me how to call if i'm wrong..
thanks in advance
you can either set transaction attributes for methods you want in deployment descriptor or you can use javax.transaction.usertransaction and put transaction boundaries across methods you want
if your client and ejb are situated on different machines(multitier environment) streams can't be sent over the network as they are not this case you need to convert streams into serialized objects e.g. String etc.which can be easily sent over the network.when you receive this string in your ejb again you need to convert this into bytes and then store it in the database.
while fetching this field do exactly reverse of above procedure.
i've successfully done exactly same...hope this information will help you.
methods can be invoked remotely on distributed environment which is not possible with servlets.
in that case state will be restored as it's a stateful bean but you won't be able to access ejbobject stored in a session as session is expired
hi all.i'm currently working on ejb but not yet come across re-entrant situation.can anyone please explain me what do you exactly mean by re-entrant by giving a good practical example? and what can be its consequences???
thanks in advance...
[ April 21, 2003: Message edited by: Manish Kamat ]
how can we select maximum value from database in ejbql? i think query select max(value).... is not supported by weblogic 6.1