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Recent posts by Raj Puri

<style type="text/css">html, body{background-color:red;........}</style>

Do we need to type html, body etc. I was looking for a general synatx that applies to any object that follows.
I want to apply this style to entire page or part of it. It is dynamic.
I was wondering if there is a way to do this. Like
"font-size: 12pt; color: fuchsia"

will apply to any object that follows this. In my case, I am generating
some pages based on data in the database. So I like to apply this to entire page or any specific section etc. Is there a general syntax that applies to whatever object follows. Examples I have read only apply to specific table etc, here I do not know where I am applying as the page
layouts are driven by database.

Yes. But How do I retrive that in JSTL.Like i have a table of 10 rows and 2 columns. Syntax to retrieve that in next page?

<table rows=10>
<input type=text name="col1">
<input type=text name="col2">

18 years ago
The application current architecure passes data between pages using JSTL. The objects are retrieved using JSTL ${param}. So far only HTML <form> elements are passsed on - i can access each element like ${param.cust_name}, where cust_name is a text item in the form tag on the first page. Now if I put a table in <FORM> element how will I access individual row/cols using JSTL?
18 years ago
Yes. On first JSP I have a table HTML table(5 cols and 100 rows) with data.I submit this page in the next page I want to retrieve them using JSTL.
18 years ago
I have on first page a table object with data. When this page calls another page how do I retrieve the content of this table in next page as parameters. I am using JSTL.
18 years ago
I deployed my beans on OC4J and it created some tables with the names of beans. But I already have the database tables in which the data resides.
What do I do with these tables created by OC4J/Orion seems orion-web.xml also points to this, am I supposed to delete them and modify orion-web.xml to point to my real tables?
18 years ago
Will anyone take a take on this. I am finding that code i have with ejb 1.1 and CMP on OC4J is braking when I move to higher version. This will mean a rewrite. I did not expect this. Has anyone taken code from EJB 1.1.
and moved to EJB 2.0 without any changes. Really code I have is straight from Petstore EJB 1.1 but it is quite big as I have a number of beans. It complaints that I am calling getprimarykey in create method and it is not per EJB 2.0 chapter 10.5.4. Really the code is generated by OC4J/Orion as
wrappers and when I debug it does call at a number of places getprimarykey.
So I will think generated code is messy.

Any one with these kinds of issues. I want to use Oracle trigger(pre-insert) to make PK. I have in code PK value=9999 as containre needs to have some bogus value to work with. Before I tried using null for that it did not work also. I am not sure if that is an issue or the syntax of EJB 1.1 is not supported anyomre and one needs to use different methods(portable) to istantiate the EJB.
I have some old code based on EJB 1.1 ,CMP 1.1 works on OC4J(9.0.02). Now going forward seems this does not work(seems it calls getprimarykey in ejbcreate in generated wrappers). Basically, I have a before insert trigger that generates nextval from oracle sequnece and we call create with
all required columns and set the PK to null. Will this setting work in CMP
for generating PK using oracle sequence. We are on OC4J so that is the hard part. Please share your experience. I am sure it will be valuable to many as this is a standard way in Oracle to use sequence.
I feel your pain. As I also pasted similar messages error with CM beans in ejbcreate there was no respone from anyone. I am about to give up this EJB stuff from my project as I realize that CMP does a number of things in background and one really has no clue what it does. The worst is when I migrate from EJB 1.1 to 2.0 .. well I made no changes in code as OC4J will say it is backward compatible but it is not so I get messages like
getprimarykey in EJBCreate see chapter 10.5.4.

We will probably stay with JSP. There are number of things in J2EE tha are at best for course work at school.
I am on OC4J and I see CMP is creating some temp tables in the database. These table names are same as ejb_names in descriptors. Is this expected in CMP? I am not referring to real table where data actually gets inserted/updates etc.
I get many errors when I migrate my application from old OC4J to 10g. Mainly the ejb method not found. This was not happening in OC4J version). Assuming we are not making any code changes, I assume all I need to do is copy the ear file in OC4J 10g and it should work but it does not. I am using CMP. Has anyone taken an old ear file from prior version and moved to new OC4J server with success. Will like to hear any experience.

18 years ago
No. I have database tables already. I was trying to understand how CMP does DML's. In CMP implemetations we do not write JDBC, so does container create any temp tables in the the database internally to do its SQL job. My questions is more to find will CMP need more space on database than just normal database table spaces.
I was reading below on onjava:
Auto-creating table: create table work_ejb_WorkHours (email
VARCHAR2(255) not null, monthEnding DATE not null, workHours
double precision null, trainingHours double precision null,
vacationHours double precision null, otherHours double precision
null, primary key (email, monthEnding))

Is it right that deploying CMP on an application server menas that containre will create temp tables in database where all sql is done
before data is written to real tables. Not read this anywher except when
I saw above extract from onjava on example to deploy CMP EJB.

Please clarify.