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Recent posts by zhu Bao ding

first :you should stop the thread
second : close the input or output stream
that's ok
recently , I 'm developing a application over JMF .
I have referenced sun example jmapp .
when finished it , I test in lan envirment
( two pc are all in LAN ) it work well ,
if two computer are all in public internet it is also work well.

but if one in internet and one in LAN or two in
different LAN , it doesn't work .
my test it in two ways :
1. one computer in internet (public Ip ) , one in LAN( through
a switch connect internet )
2. two computer are all in LAN

I think some problem is at switch .
for 1. test as Example

when my computer (in LAN) post request to internet and
find the destination computer
then destination response to my computer ,when the
response reached my switch , the switch can't
know which compute send to . so two computer are
waiting ..... and doesn't communication

addtion: I write the application using Transmitting RTP
Data with the Session Manager

if you have some idea about my trouble , please give me
some advise , many thanks.