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Recent posts by Rudi Vaum

Hi Walker,
did u generate you ejb with xdoclet?
if yes, could we please have that?
Thank you
20 years ago
Hy everybody,
I just received an unexpected email from;
They wanna have about 100-150$ for some SCEA training products.
The description on the website looks quite ok,
but I never heared of these guys.
They say they have "40 illustrative diagrams with more than 80 pages of documentation" for part 2 - it looks good:
This is the email I just got:

We would like to introduce ourselves as Arc2Patterns Team. We offer Sun Certified Enterprise Architect Study Guides Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. Industry experts, who are SCEA also, develop all these study guides. These guides are featuring all necessary objectives with proper explanation and explanatory diagrams.

Moreover all of these guides are with Money Back Guarantee.

For further details you may visit:

We guarantee your success.

Regards, Team

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[ October 02, 2003: Message edited by: Rudi Vaum ]
[ October 02, 2003: Message edited by: Rudi Vaum ]
I made screenshots of my diagrams, and then saved them as .JPEGs - you can adjust the copresion rate from 90%-70% percent, what will make your diagrams smaller than 20-45KB each.
I wouldn't use any other formats than .GIFs or .JPEGs, as they must be put into a HTML page, and these are the 2 widely supported formats for browsers.

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:
Do you think that creating a small application using or c# will help me in port II of the assignment.

Just wondering, why would you wannt to do code in .NET? I read "the most important requirement of all is that it must be J2EE".

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:
I think that this approach would be easier for me, as I do not have any architect experience.
The thing I do not like about UML diagrams are that they do not give any feedback but coding does.

I had the same situation when I started working on it. But that is the chalange of this exam; isn't it?
I think there is no such book that covers all of SCEA; but the Cade Book I used gave me a good overview, and helped me in choosing further materials.
I also bought the Bambara book now while preparing for part II, and I think it is USELESS for that. (So I gave it back)
But I also read a little bit of the part I section of the book, and without beeing sure of this, I think it wasn't that bad. I would use it for part I concepts.
how will u show a jsp in a class diagram?
from previous posts I know that people have got good grades by making one and by making more than one.
I don't think the number itself is important, it is rather that it should not be too detailed, like you were doing design...
nope, maybe just a front controller, following Cade's design.
Because I have 2 different clients, and only one has JSPs, i'm still thinking of not showing anything at all (just a generic "Client"), or maybe using a "VIEW" stereotype - that would depict both JSPs and some Swing panels, what do u think?
looks like the link has already been posted, thanks
[ June 05, 2003: Message edited by: Rudi Vaum ]
Both, and you need to explain as much details as posible, anyway.
I say an interview on JavaWorld with the creator of the exam, saying he finds it positive how people used all the newly emerging tehnologies since the (one and same) assignment exists.
I am achitecting a mutitiered aplication with a ejb-layer, web app. layer with 2 controllers: one for browser clients and one for rich web clients.
I am wondering about the benefits/minuses of the following designs:
- having 3-4 SLSB as session facades/bus. delegates (like Cade book) - this is my current design
- having SFSB instead (like Petstore)- blueprint best practice recomandation (stated at least 10 times on some pages ;-)
- how each of these would integrate with the "proxy controller (web-app) - ejb controller (ejb)" strategy (like Petstore). Do I use one for each facade??? :roll:
Please comment
Superb, Debanjana!
Nice job!!
I'm sure you'll find lots of people wanting to "check" your assignment for that 1 point missing!
Just kidding
May I ask what your current job position is?
well, there is a difference between managing session state and "business logic"(this term is as big and triky as ".NET" or "WEBSPHERE" ), in some respect.
Remember the MVC pattern?
->The Model is composed of Data and Business Logic to handle that data.
->The Controller has got the inteligence to get the requests from from the view, transform them into calls to the Model, and give the info back to the views.
As the blueprints book says, the controller of a web app might use some cache objects to keep a part of the model that was retrieved throgh calls duplicated on the web-layer (this would answer one of your questions)
Managing session state, is something that a controller does (see, same book)

In the case of a multitiered MVC, i choose to move controller functionality (including session state management) out of the ejb-layer. Under heavy-load, the clients themselfes (a few Standalone Apps running on separate machines in the intranet and the Web Container(s)) would do this.
hope this clears my ideas to you,
please comment my design

Originally posted by HS Thomas:
I see you've passed SCEA I .
When the new Cert is released would you be able to :
a) jump straight onto the new SCEA II and III
b) do you start again from SCEA I?

[ May 25, 2003: Message edited by: HS Thomas ]

Well I guess there is a SCJP for Java1.2 and one for Java1.4, am I right? Checking...
Yes, you can see that on: :
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035)
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.2 (CX-310-025)
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform Upgrade Exam (CX-310-036)
My educated guess is, that the same will happen with SCEA. There will be a time when both exams will be available. Plus the upgarde
I don't think my beeing laizy with the old SCEA will bring me to new one ;-))
Java is great, but Sun is conducting a business, and I assume I'll have to purchase the upgrate after completing the old one.
PS: IMO, if you have the old one, noone will be in doubt of your capabilities.