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anu manju

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Recent posts by anu manju

how to format text within textarea like bold, underline and italic
how to find out the hit counter of the webpage using servlet program
18 years ago
i want to know how to send email from servlet program.
18 years ago
i want to know send e-mail members through servlet program. Please tell me the soruce code
18 years ago
When u use doGet,
1.then all the infn u posted is visible in address bar and
2.the message u posted is limited.
when to use doGet
1.when <a> link is used to call servlet page and 2.method is get in <form> tag,then u must use doGet.
Otherwise u can use doPost
when i open the new resultset within while loop
of another resultset i met a problem that "Resultset is closed" how i can overcome this problem
18 years ago
ow to use resultset within another while loop of another resultset
how to find out the end of resultset without using next() method.
may i open resultset within while loop another resultset.