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Recent posts by lakshman Srilakshmanan

Does this post need to be in intermediate..??
15 years ago

Please don't shoot the messenger.

Background Info
We are moving to a j2ee space from a .net space. We hope to make this transition as painless as possible to the customers.

I have received a request to evaluate the feasibility of implementing a j2ee appserver that has servlets & JSP communicating to an ISS Server using classic ASP and

The user should be able to move from page to page as if they are still on one server. I know Session Management may be an issue.
I need to understand
1) the extent of the Session Management problem
2) the system will be reliable
3) Whether it will be feasible if we don't use session management

This is an interim solution while we migrate from the .net environment to the j2ee environment. This gradual implementation is the preferred option.

Can anyone shed light on the above issues.

15 years ago
This is general question on accessing UDDI.

I have jUDDI up and running.
I have published a service.

Is there any way to use this service without first having to create the HelloIF, HelloIF_Impl etc classes.
I was hoping that once I get the URL from UDDI I can call the service.
If I am right could you please direct me to links that perform this.
15 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to implement an intranet UDDI. I have read many articles on how to do this notably from "Alfredo da Silva" at

I can't seem to find the "Service Registry Proxy" refered to in the article above. Would anyone know where I can get it or a similar high-level API.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

15 years ago
Hi All,
Tim Holloway example gives me the following error :
jsp:useBean tags cannot specify both class and beanName probably occurred due to an error
Any help.
18 years ago