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Recent posts by Peter Chang

Stuck at level 7, any hints ?
14 years ago
Hi All,

Is there any UML Diagram that represents the flow of data within different components of a system ?
Example - Securities Trading System.
Order is booked in Order Management system, it is then send to Exchange.
Once filled, Exchange sends back the executions.
These executions are validated and Enriched by trade support systems.
Trades then sent to Back Office systems.
Here lots of actions are taken till the trade is finally settled.

Now if I want to represent this flow using UML, which diagram should I use.
I thought of interation diagrams - but they represents interaction among objects (not sub-systems).
Whereas Component/Deployement diagrams are static in nature.

Please let me know thoughts/Comments ...
A certain city has a circular wall around it.
The wall has four gates pointing north, south, east and west.
A flag-post stands outside the city, three kms north of the north gate,
and it can just be seen from a point nine kms east of the South Gate.
What is the diameter of the wall that surrounds the city?
15 years ago
Hi All,

At my work we are moving away from the legacy platform towards J2EE.
But before starting any application development, we are planning to build a framework, which will come handy during the actual application development.

Just want to know your ideas about the what all components (infrastructure / toolkit/ utility classes) are typically useful.

We thought of following :
1) Application Logging component
2) Application Configuration (XML based config files)
3) User Login/Access Control Component
4) Job Scheduler Components

- Rupesh
I liked the K-PAX by Gene Brewer
The movie by the same title was equally good.
Kevin Spacey has done a terrific job.
16 years ago
DocumentFraments are generally used to implement the cut and paste facility in DOM Documents.
eg. XML editors/IDE, where you can drag and drop Fragments of XML.
Booked the exam for 21st May 10AM, at Informatics in Funan.
Got the Java Web Services Tutorial book from the library.
Planning to buy the Richard's book.
Any other book/web-site you want to suggest.
I am Planning to book the exam for 22nd May.
Informatics in the Funan IT Mall has been good for me.
And yes 4.5 hrs is long indeed.
By the way, how are preparations going on.
The syllabus is huge :-(
- Rupesh
What a relief !!!
Here is the break-up.
Architecture 100%
Information Modeling 73%
XML Processing 83%
XML Rendering 66%
Testing and Tuning 33%
As expected, scored less in the testing and tuning section.
Actually I didnt really know what to expect in that section
Did not study much about the XSL-FO , CSS, hence scored less in the rederening section as well.
The exam was tough, too many scenario based (case study) questions.
But some questions Basic XML syntax, DOM, SAX, XPATH etc are really sitters.
Thanks to Java-ranchers for all the informative posts.
Special thanks to Hari Vignesh Padmanabhan and Daisy Brown for providing the resources and mock tests.
Will start preparing for the IBM-486 from next week.
Hope it will be easier than this one.
- Rupesh
Hi All,
Can someone please tell me what kind of questions should i expect in the
"Testing and Tuning" section. any links, pointers etc
I also need the similar info for "XML security".
I have registered for next week.
Thanks in advance.
Are there any special patterns available for structured (non-OO) designs ?
I mean we can still implement, say a Proxy or a Decorator using C.
But the singleton and Factory are purely OO concepts.
Any thoughts comments ...
Sorry for asking this very basic question.
But I am really not very clear about this difference.
Thanks a lot all of you for your support and pointers.
BTW, here is one more link, that might be helpful to you.
Hi All,
How can a database design be modelled using UML ?
My thoughts on this :
1) Using Class Diagrams for representing Tables, views etc, and
2) Using Deployment Diagrams for representing Physical Structure
Please let me know your comments