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Recent posts by Jonathan Pierce

I have also heard of Weblogic doing this with sessions, but the people I spoke with were using weblogic to server the JSP's and servlets.
I have read a couple of posts about the url rewriting and I am sending that to one of my friends who developed the application.
The frustrating part is trying to figure out if this is hardware or software related.
I found a post on another forum that was word for word the exact problem we are having.
19 years ago
Hello Everyone,
I have a very serious problem with sessions.
We have an application where users log in to view their personnal information.
User 1 is logged in and User 2 is logged in.
User 1 is moving through the application and then gets to a page that displays User 2's information.
It's as if the users have the same session ID.
The web server is iPlanet 4.1 SP8, JSP's, Servlets are running on iPlanet.
We have a Cisco Content Switch (Hardware Load Balancer) and a Cisco SSL accelerator.
We are using Weblogic as the app server.
I have seen this same situation posted on other forums but no one has replied to the problem.
I thought with all of the knowledge on this site, someone may have seen this problem.
Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!
19 years ago
They told me the Course would be for 1.4.
Hello Everyone,
I hope this is OT.
I am attending a SCJP Boot camp the first of June.
Here is the curriculum that is listed.
Does this look like it is inline with the test?
Thanks so much for your time.
Day 1 Java 2 Language Fundamentals
Objects and Classes
Inheritance in Java

Day 2 Inner Classes
Exception Handling
Getting Started with Swing
Event Handling

Day 3 Components
Laying Out a Container
Specialized Components
Input/Output Streams

Day 4 Regular Expressions
Networking with Sockets

Day 5 Introduction to Threads
Images and Animation
Hello Everyone,
This is my first day on the site/forum.
I am wondering if anyone has any information on the SCJP Boot Camps that are available?
I am scheduled to attend one from The Training Camp starting June 1st.
I have had some Java courses in the past, took C++ in all of my programming courses in college (10 years ago). I am currently the "server guy", but my new role will be Java development. With the way our corporate culture is, I feel like the certification will help me find another job when the ax decides to fall my way.
I love the site and look forward to spending many hours here!!