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Recent posts by Eric Turner

Angela Gabrieala wrote:Hi

Have you managed to register?
I tried but after creating account on
the only exam I can choose is 310-301A - Sun Certified Enterprise Architect EE5 Assignment (Part II) - English (US) - $125.00 USD
but I would like to see CX-310-252A exam there

Price now is $125.00 USD..are they changing it again and again?

I just tried to register for the SCJD exam and only saw 310-301A as an option. I emailed Prometric's help desk and received a response that said

OK, this exam is currently offline. You may need to contact SUN directly to confirm when the exam will be available. Here is the e-mail address:

Here is your case reference number: ...

When I find out what is happening I will post the information here.
Thanks Satish. By "Flex for developing Java apps" I mean developing Java applications that run on the Android platform and use Flex for the user interface. Obviously I'm completely new to Flex, so perhaps this doesn't even make sense!
11 years ago
Welcome Satish Kore. I look forward to reading your book whether I win it or buy it!

Given that powerful/capable Google Android-based mobile devices are increasingly in the hands of users (Motorola, Samsung, and HTC all have new Google phones out this fall) how well suited is Flex for developing Java apps on these devices? Is it even possible?
11 years ago
I have installed Eclipse Galileo (Java EE version) and am trying to set it up for development using JBoss/Hibernate/MySQL. I have Eclipse starting my JBoss server, and database connectivity to MySQL works. Now I want to create a JPA project that uses Hibernate. When creating a JPA project it asks for a platform and JPA implementation on the JPA Facet dialog. Right now the choices for platform are "Generic", "EclipseLink 1.0.x", and "EclipseLink 1.1.x". Options for JPA implementation are "EclipseLink 1.1.x", "User Library", and "Disable Library Configuration".

How do I add Hibernate as the JPA implementation? I read somewhere that I need to install Hibernate Tools, so I did that from the JBoss Tools update site. Still can't seem to figure this out.
Does anyone have some real-world examples of web services that have been extremely successful? What is it about these services that made them successful?
On the flip side, what are some web services that haven't done so well? What contributed to their poor outcome?
18 years ago