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Recent posts by james render

yep can deploy, wicked!

omg how horrible is it deploying to WAS compared to JBoss!
17 years ago
ok found this link


so I amended

C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\runtimes\base_v5\config\cells\localhost\nodes\localhost\variables.xml

"WAS_INSTALL_ROOT" value="C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\runtimes\base_v5"
"JAVA_HOME" value="C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\runtimes\base_v5\java"

server now seems to start up..

see if I can deploy something to it..
[ August 10, 2005: Message edited by: james render ]
17 years ago
ok, so I ran

startServer server1 -trace

and this seems to be the problem:

why is it picking up an incorrect path?
17 years ago
okay, so I amended

C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere Studio\runtimes\base_v5\bin\setupCmdLine.bat so that the WAS_HOME and JAVA_HOME pointed at the embedded websphere instance

then I ran


seemed to work and fired up the gui. But attempts to start the server fail

why is it using c:\Program Files\WebSphere\AppServer still?
[ August 10, 2005: Message edited by: james render ]
17 years ago
How to start up the console and doing deployments is what I need to know.. cheers
17 years ago
Well tbh, I find WSAD extremely slow and complicated. I like the speed and flexibility of eclipse in conjunction with MyEclipse. I like the fact that I can keep more upto date with eclipse and jdk releases, that I can deploy to multiple types of servers. Mainly that I feel I'm more in control of whats going on, using wizards etc is great but when things go wrong... anyway I didn't mean to go on a WSAD rant, I'm sure loads of ppl love it.

I can create vendor independent ear files using eclipse/MyEclipse, and I managed to start-up the WSAD embedded WAS4 server, but I couldn't actually deploy my simple ear file.

I started down the path of hacking server-config.xml and copying/amending the xmi-files from the sampleApp, when I realised that this would be a complete chore on a daily basis.

Could you point me in the right direction of getting started with using the commandline tools, presumably I need to use something to a) IBM-ify my ear file or b) generate an IBM friendly ear file from my constituent parts..

Forget about WAS4, WAS5 is where I should be concentrating..
17 years ago
or can someone show me where I can download a developer version of WAS5 on the labyrinth that is the IBM website...
17 years ago
Is it possible to use the websphere installations that come with WSAD5.0 WITHOUT actually using WSAD ?

I've managed to get the server up and running but haven't had much luck deploying a sample ear - will I end up having to handcraft a load of ibm-application-ext.xmi etc etc files..

should I just give up the fight and leave lovely eclipse for the blackbox of wsad
17 years ago
Hi, can anyone personally recommend some books on multi-threading & concurrent programming.

I'm about to start on a project where they use multi-threading in anger and I want to get upto speed.

I know the basics of threading as I've done the developer certification, but want to be able to recognize poor threading implementation and strategies - and how to rectify them.

So basically an intermediate to advanced book please.

Specifically I've been looking at:

the oreilly java threads book, my only concern is that the project is not java 5 (probably 1.3.1 !!)

doug lea's concurrent programming in java: will this be too much of a mind-trip, I've heard that its quite hard to digest.

taming java threads by allen holub - heard that its a bit of a 'java has implemented threads wrong' rant..

java thread programming by Paul Hyde - will this be too simplistic and just go over basic threading?

Any views gratefully received..
Does anyone know where its possible to download this from?

It enables a Sun 1.3.0 JDK on Solaris to use rmi:iiop successfully (as there is a compatibility issue otherwise)

I noticed a file called README.IBM.rmi-iiop in the java directory of my WebSphere 4 installation and this alludes to it..
17 years ago
Has anyone ever had any rmi:iiop compatibility problems when trying to get a Sun JDK 1.3.0 (on solaris) to communicate with WAS4 or WAS5?

I know that there is a client pluggin available to get round this problem bundled with WAS5, but the IBM infocenter says that this is for Windows only.

Does anyone have any experience of this scenario?


17 years ago
Yeah, stupid question. The 1_3_0 JDK ships with JNDI functionality.
17 years ago

Is there anyway of enabling a vanilla IBM JDK 1.3.0 to use JNDI?

My issue is that I need to act as an EJB client (iiop), but without access to a WAS installation / jar files.

Basically, its a WMQI (2.1.6) thing. We've successfully managed to get a WMQI java node to act as a EJB client but only using a WebSphere installation.

I don't need WebSphere jars to use the EJB, only to access the naming service

I'm looking at using Sun's JNDI implementation.. though possibly by-passing JNDI and just using rmi/iiop/corba is an option I've yet to explore.

Has anyone any experience of this?


17 years ago
thanks, unfortunately I need it for rmi over iiop rather than ldap.
Well, I'm just looking at Sun's JNDI implementation, turns out that you can pick and chose the bits that you want, so I thought that I might try to get the COS naming service running on top of IBM's JDK..

lol, gutton for punishment!!

Then maybe I'll try to extract the naming service stuff (JBossNS) from a JBoss install and try running that on its own..

Wonder if it needs to be running or its possible to call it on demand..