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since May 09, 2003
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Recent posts by Lasse Langhorn

Hi all,
Today I passed SCWCD with a score of 88%. I was a bit surprised because my score in mock exams was only 70-80, but the test was easy. I used the book from Manning which was extremely good.
Study Tips:
-Read the specs for Servlets and JSP carefully
-Know your web.xml
Thanks to and the JavaRanch!
Meanwhile I also got a job as a front-end developer for a small software company eventhough the competition for a IT job in Denmark is extremely tough. Certification is a good way to get a job.
Best regards from Denmark
Lasse Langhorn
SCJP 1.4
20 years ago
I passed with 68% today, a bit disappointing score! K&B, I want to thank you both for a brilliant book! Your questions were very similar to the exam. Many questions concerned Threads, and garbage collection, I was a bit surprised! Some of them were tough!
I want to thank everybody on the JavaRanch, eventhough I have not been an active member, I have read most of the topics that have been posted.
Next: -> SCJD
Best regards from Denmark!
Lasse Langhorn
21 years ago
The following code:

Inside Over -> short constructor
Inside MySuper 5
Can anyone explaine?
My assumption was that the byte which was passed into the Over constructor would be passed into the int constructor of the Over class!
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[ June 09, 2003: Message edited by: Corey McGlone ]
I have just begun studying for the SCJP1.4 and would really like to know about possible traps in the exam from people who have taken the exam!
Any good guidelines??
I bought Kathy & Bert book (damn good) and I am considering buying a Whizzlabs product when preparing for the actual exam!
This forum is very usefull for java people, I wish we had something like that in Denmark!
The Dane
I just begun study for the SJCP1.4 a week ago, and really would like to hear what traps I can expect on the exam!
Any good guidelines when studying?
I bought a recommended book and I am thinking of buying a Whizzlab product for practicing the exam.
I wish there was a forum like this in Denmark!
It is quite usefull!
The Dane