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you can get readymade search facility encorporated in your JSP by using Oracle's iFs (Internet File System)
20 years ago
Try this code. It may work
RequestDispatcher dispatcher =
getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/jsp/temp.jsp?i="+ i);
dispatcher.include(request, response);
21 years ago
Dear Mr.Bala,
You can call another servlet by using a method of Httprequest and including the output of that servlet in your Dataservlet.
21 years ago
I am a starter in RMI and don't know how we can pass Objects by reference in RMI or how can client return an Object by value to the server
I would be thankful for the guidance
21 years ago
Hi Pawan,
If your fundamentals regarding Overloading, Threads, Garbage Collection and Inheritance and if u can solve problems very fast around in 45-60 mins, then u can get a good score.Visit the site of Maha Anna.Going through your score indicates u can appear. Stay cool

As the trend goes, the future tomorrow is that there should be a treat given by me. So tomorrow u have to afford to miss lunch at the office.
I find the Java Architect Exam more interesting to do than Java Developer one which may require u to again struggle with awt and swing
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21 years ago
Hi friends,
I cleared Sun Certification Exams today with a score of 67%. Javaranch was quite helpful with participants having made every effort to help others.The Game was also a good revision. Try to take as many mock tests as possible specially Macurus Green.I would say that other colleagues who are keen to get.The certification exam is not hard. But inorder to get through try to focus more on problems rather than theory. To get Certified with a good score stress more on
Interface and Variable Declarations
Garbage Collection
Thread more of it being asked
Inheritance and carrying of variables and methods in descendants
File I/O
Exception handling least asked
The duration is 90 mins
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21 years ago
I am appearing for SCJP on Monday. I would like to know how to time the Mock Tests and how much time we have in total for the Real Test and no. of questions
21 years ago
Hi Jigar,
All the classes are loaded in memory and their syntaxes checked at compile time. But not the classes within Subpackages
At a point of time the blocked thread which has locked a particular object (Class level lock) can lock all instances of it
But if it is instance level lock than it can be 'n' number
Hi Pranav,
The object is only available for Garbage Collection when there are no more references to that object. So
Garbage Collection is high priority in JDK 1.3.Just Nullify the variables to be Garbage Collected and call System.gc(). Or else if it is some Streams closing them would ensure they will be Garbage Collected
21 years ago