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Good news everyone I passed the test. My appreciation to all SCWCD ranchers. More info available on my blog
21 years ago
It's still once. The only thing about your scenario is you got 5 instance of the servlet. So each instance will receive a one time call on their init() method.
For me the motivation is not even the market value it brings (Ok maybe a little if there is one) but, the benefits I received when preparing for any kind of certification. It's one thing that you actually used the stuff and it's another when you go back to the same concept on a more structured perspective. It so easy to take for granted little things, sometime this little nugget may turn to be really useful in the future. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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You can find the source code on <JDK_HOME>/
Essentially the same. Calls to write is inside print. See code below.
public void print(String s) {
if (s == null) {
s = "null";
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1. I don't think there is a difference. Because by reflection the container knows that your tag handler implements the BodyTag interface thus the output will be buffered. And besides both fields have the same value of 2.
case 1. I would think that you are writing directly to the output stream of the response.
case 2. Provided that you return a EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED on doStartTag(). I'm pretty sure that your output is buffered first because BodyContent extends JspWriter and all the print and write methods are overriden so that any data sent will be buffered first.
Good questions BTW.
Yes, this book "SCWCD Exam Kit by Hanumanth/Jignesh" is very much SCWCD exam oriented. If you want to learn JSP first then go check out the book review section here in JavaRanch.
I personally recommend the "Professional JSP" by Simon Brown et al.
An interface is a lot like an abstract class. I guess you have been so strict in interpreting the question
Even with a revise version of the exam, most of your efforts will not be in vain, a few adjustments maybe necessary but, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
[ May 25, 2003: Message edited by: Andres Bonifacio ]
the one that comes with the book should suffice.
how about business component developer (yet another certification, yeah i know too many) in beta development and starts in june 6
Though having an experience is an advantage. Some people manage to pass the test with flying colors just by going thru a prep book (Deshmukh's for instance)
This is additional info. Look at the source code of GenericServlet. The method getServletContext() encapsulate calls to getServletConfig().getServletContext()