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Recent posts by anand_mathuria

Dear Shankar, Brian, Harpal, Dipti, Mapraputa, Serge & Manish... thanx a lot!!!
Dipti... follow the link <-- here u will get many of the resources compiled by Maha especially for threads.
best regards
Dear Marcus/Roseanne/Maha & EVrybody at JCHQ & JavaRanch,
I have cleared SCJP... 51 correct out of 59... i.e.86%.
Marcus - Thank you very very much. Your tutorial & 3 tests really helped me. I remember how I was quite satisfied with my preparations at the time when I first saw your website. Only when I appeared for your 3 tests did I realise that I was not at all in a postion to pass. Knowing the concepts is one thing & identifying them in the questions is another. Thanx a lot for your new I.O.Tutorials... they really made a difference... I scored 100% on I.O.questions.
Maha - Your discussions on Threads, IO & AWT are really great. Thanks a lot... when I saw your note on how thoroughly you had prepared before taking SCJP... I really got inspired to work hard. Thanx a lot !!!
Roseanne - Thanks a lot for your round the clock support & prompt responses. I have been silently admiring when you are giving a rap on the knuckles of lazy people (like me) who post messages in search for any easy answer rather than trying out first on their computer. It did work with me... I practiced a lot of small small programs to clear my doubts. Thanks a lot. I know you are going to immediately invite me to the developer's club... I think I will first have to take up a job (hopefully I'll get one based on this SCJP), take some experience & then a few months down the line think of going for Developer too.
All - I got many questions on overriding.
I was peeved with some of the theory questions where they ask to select 1 out of 4. In their over-enthusiasm to make all 4 sound plausible & equally correct... they really used vague english & poorly constructed sentences. I really felt bad... as I think if one knows a concept... they should try to test him on that rather than such cheap tricks.
I also got one really idiotic question where they try to trap you by giving longish code (25/30 lines) & u r supposed to point out something like a class cannot be protected or a constructor cannot have a return type. One understands the concept/rule... but it really annoyed me that they try to trap with a biggish code & try to divert your attention... rather than testing your knowledge of Java.
Anyways... Wish you all the best & thanks a lot for your support & also your effort. I really appreciate the difference you all have made in my life... the only sensible thing I can do is to make a difference in other people's lives too... just like you all.
Best Regards
Anand Mathuria :-)
Hi Everyone!
I have seen many posts from people who passed the new version of SCJP stating that there are many questions on multiple synchronized methods in a single thread/multiple threads. There is also mention of effects of synchronized & non-synchronized methods in same thread.
If everyone can contribute some examples on this type in this post itself... or links to such a tutorial etc... it would be very nice... as we will get all of resources in this one post... aslo we can be better prepared.
The new exam also asks a lot on IO. Marcus has put a really nice revised tutorial on IO on
My request to all the gurus... please contribute.
Thnaks a lot in advance... thanks a lot.