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the smell of strings of jasmine flowers..

my choice too...
16 years ago

Originally posted by Tony Alicea:

As long as it's two channels stereo it doesn't matter the size of the plug.


happy to know this.. thanks Tony..
17 years ago
I got..
LC-32G4U Monitor:,1058,1318,00.html

and sorry.. you are right.. there is 2 componrnt inputs actually.. my bad.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:

I wouldn't be surprised if it has DVI as opposed to HDMI (HDMI has pretty much replaced DVI).

Yes you are right. It has only DVI output. But I did not find any good DVD player with HDMI output though. The reviews of existing DVD players(Including sony) is not that encouraging. Guess, HDMI is yet to get matured.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Tony Alicea:
If I buy the AQUOS that I have in mind, it has one HDMI and one DVI-I inputs. Plus two HD Component. Plus composite...

My AQUOS has only one component input(Blue, Green, Yellow cords), 1 DVI and 1 HDMI. Also some AQUOS models (like mine)comes with separate AV box, which I found it useful.

Also, I found one strange thing in these Sharp models. When you use DVI input, for sound they have a provision for only 3.5mm stereo input (the one you use for walkman), which I'm not sure how good the sound quality will be. I called sharp support, and it looks like they are going with an assumption that people who buy these expensive TVs will be having their own sound system. Thts kind of interesting to know.

Other than that, my LG upconverting DVD works fine and I guess this is kind of unique product, which I could not find in any place other than Circuit City.

Thanks Jason for the cable links, and yes Monster cables are not really worth for the money you pay. You would not find any difference by using cheaper cables until you have a 'microscopic' eyes..
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:

The most you'll be able to get out of component is 480i and 480p.

Hmm... I doubt it though.. for some DVDs(Mostly indian movies), I saw my DVD player sending 720p, I say this because, my TV displays that it receives 720p.

17 years ago
wow... I'm eagerly waiting for this topic.. (how come never thaught about posting in MD.. May be I thaught its meaningfull )

Alright.. I baught Sharp 32" AQUOS HDTV monitor (Not HDTV Ready).
I connected my old sony DVD player with S-Video.. really disappointed with the picture quality.. went back to forums.. read reviews.. user experiences.. found out that I need a upconvert DVD Player.. went and baught LG DVD player which also comes with HD receiver. I'm yet to connect the antenna, but hooked up the DVD Player and wow.. I'm surprised with the picture quality and sound clarity.. I just connected with component output.. I also baught $100 DVI cable, but I did not really see any difference in the picture quality.. so returned the cable.. may I will get a cheaper cable later..
And found out that, when you use component cable, there is actually Digital-analog-Digital conversion happens and most of the time you won't lose much..

Just thaught of sharing my experience...
17 years ago
Thanks a lot kayal.

Just curious.. Is 'kayal' your real name?

if('kayal' == your real name)
its so sweet..
nice choice!

17 years ago
And by the way.. here is my fav..hiku!

Anaandhu Raising your head
Imai thiranthu Opening your eye lids
Vizhi mel vangum Feeling the raindrops on your eyes

Kadhal.. Love is like this..

Athan sugam Its a great pleasure
kodumaiyaanathu! but painful!

My english transalation is really bad.. sorry abt that!
17 years ago
Hi Kayal,

Thats really nice. Could you send me the actual tamil version of it.. or you could even post it here too.

BTW, Map's question is really valid.
"How come is it one word?"

Thats the beauty, wonder of tamil, the classical language. The grammer of the language is so impressive and it no wonder most of our tamilians are very passionate about our language.

Most of the time I face this question from our non-tamilian indians. "Why don't you learn our 'national' language Hindi?"
17 years ago
Please send me an invitation at

Thanks a lot
17 years ago
Yes.. I do vote for tamil movies...
Some examples of recent good tamil movies .. "Azhagi",
"Solla marantha kathai" , "Pitha magan", "kakka kakka", "Kathal Kondaen"..etc.,
BTW, any of you watched 'Virumandi'? any reviews?
17 years ago
Please help me to write a XML Schema reflecting the following java class structure.
Class Response has a collection of Contact objects.
Class Contact has type and group as its attributes.
Class Phone and Class Email are subclasses of Contact.
Following is a sample XML for the same.

I found difficulty in reflecting the inheritance in the above Java structure, in Schema.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
I have exactly the same problem.
I have a panel, with table in the top and a panel with fields in the bottom. Whenever user selects the row in the table, the object of that row's data will be displayed in the bottom panel.
At this time the combobox data has been set. during this data population both ActionEvent and ItemEvents are fired. But I want to get the event specific to the user selection on this combobox, and not the event fired during dynamic population of the data.
I tried the same solution given in this thread, but it did not work.
I tried by getComponents and adding MouseListener in those components, which also did not work.
Please help me to solve the problem. Any help will be highly appreciated.
I'm using JDK1.3
19 years ago