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Recent posts by rahul V kumar

Can't use open a HttpConnection or a HttpsConnection and post the data to their url and have a response (Some token) from their server. Now you could redirect the user to their Application and send that token.

.Net Application could use the token you have supplied and pull out the data that you have sent through using HttpConnection or HttpsConnection.

By doing so you are not embedding your data in the URL.

I am not sure if this is the best way around ..but just throwing some ideas.

I have some questions for you. Maybe it will help find the best solution to address your issue.

1) But how often you need to send data from J2EE to .Net ?
2) Is it always one way communication. Does .Net send information to J2EE?
3) How do you make sure that sure that your sessions are active on J2EE & .Net as I guess its possible for the users to go back and forth between the applications.
[ March 04, 2005: Message edited by: rahul V kumar ]
19 years ago
Can you make sure you have got the entry for the database in tnsnames.ora
you could use database to share the secured information or maybe xml serialize the data and have the dotnet read it.

You might have additional overhead of cleaning up the info in database or deleting the data from file system.
[ March 04, 2005: Message edited by: rahul V kumar ]
19 years ago
There is a forum exclusive for Servlets. I feel that this question should have been asked there.

You are setting the values to <context-param> tag. Which means you can access there variables by getting a handle on your Servlet Context and calling getInitParameter("telephone").

This is what you should have in your servlet mapping to retrieve the parameters through your getServletConfig().getInitParameter("telephone")

Hope that helps
19 years ago
Write a function isNumberand let it return a boolean for you.

then from your if statement you could call

if (isNumber(String)) {}

Now its up to you as to how you want to implement this isNumber() function.
You can check character by character in the string passed for 0 to 9 or you could have a try catch block and have Integer.parseInt(String) in it.

Hope this helps.
19 years ago
How are you calling these two servlets?
19 years ago
There is no code there to read the values from the command prompt.

Please follow the link below to get an understanding of how to prompt the user to enter values from command prompt.


Hope that helps.
19 years ago
give the name of the machine or ip address where oracle is installed. (not the client though)

Your SID will be databasename

For example
jdbc racle:thin:@localhost:1521:YOUR_SID

hope this helps
19 years ago
database server name
19 years ago
You can checkout this link


They implement progress bars. maybe you can get some idea from there.
19 years ago
I would like to attach a binary file (PDF) to an xml document. And that XML Document will be transmitted to a Java Application.

Any ideas on how to go about it ?

Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
We have a JSP which uses some static includes.
The static include is modified and the JSP page is saved.
The changes made to the static include are visible when testing on localhost.However when the application is deployed on to a different server
the changes are not reflected.

Do you guys know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.
19 years ago
You seem to be doing some lookup which might throw a NamingException so its better to have another catch block for a NamingException or a generic catch block.
19 years ago
Does your ClassA compile ?

If it doesn't compile then try to do the following from your command prompt.
Go to the directory which has your java source files and type in the following command

set classpath=%classpath%;.;
Make sure you have c:\java5\bin or c:\java5 in your classpath

Now try compiling your source files and see.

If this works then i suggest you to set the classpath properly by going to your system environment variables.
19 years ago