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since May 21, 2003
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Recent posts by Wei Chua

Till now, I got the SCJP, SCWCD and SCEA, Master degree and 5 years java experience.
I have two questions as below,
1, How many people are certified as SCEA in Singapore?
2, How many positions are available for SCEA ?
Thanks if any one can answer the questions.
19 years ago
Congratulations !
It is an amazing achievement.
Is the project related to the flight one?
Any recommendations?
I managed to pass the SCEA part I exam with a score of 89%.
That was a higher mark than I expected, because I found some of the scenario questions somewhat unusual, and without obvious answers.
I relied on elimination for some of them.
It is suggested that during the examination, we should clear the easy questions at first and leave 15 minites for the difficult one.
concepts 100
common arch 60
legacy 60
ejb 100
ejb container 100
protocols 100
applicability 100
design patterns 80
messaging 100
i18n 100
security 100

I found the following study guides useful:
***** Enterprise JavaBeans by Richard Monson Heafel, a thorough introduction.
***** Design Patterns, Erich Gamma, et al
***** SCEA Whizlabs mock exam, which is very useful.
***** UML Distilled, Martin Fowler, et al
**** Sun´┐Ż Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Study Guide (Exam 310-051), by Paul Allen, Joseph J. Bambara
*** Mark Cade's SCEA Study Guide, which is closely related to the syllabus. This is all worth reading, but it is not enough on its own.
*** Applet based Mock at Moelholm.com, which is a nice mock.
The various discussions on JavaRanch and its links to various resources are also very helpful, so thank you all very much as well.
Chua Wei
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