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Recent posts by Kelvin Chan

get the Voucher !!!
from Hong Kong
Totally agree with Kathy Sierra ... it is such a good book ....
As it is free I do think SUN is the boss ...., you can say that SUN pay for the exam for you ....
... When the web service certification beta from SUN begin ???
For me the RMS is not that hard, but the WMS is difficult.
Programming exp with GAME UI is very helpful .... which I do not have
Only my point of view .... the specification is the most important materials.
In addition
1. Wireless Java: Developing with J2ME, Second Edition
by Jonathan Knudsen (the most upadte J2ME book).
on the concept side (not update as to cover all the exam objectives :-()
2. Core J2ME Technology by John W. Muchow
I go for the Core J2ME + spec path.
[ February 06, 2004: Message edited by: Kelvin Chan ]
I schedule my exam on .... SUNDAY. SO I think the policy is different from place to place.
Evelyn is really helpful. With the helping hand I JUST get the email with voucher attached.
Many many many may many many many thanks !!!
Never mind if you do not know a lot. If you read about the spec you will find it very interesting.
O.K. it is reading time ......
I am still waiting and keep checking my email box very hour .....
You must call them up. Beta test do not list on their site.
I would say the tutorial is very good ... if you do not have a lot of time you should focus on it.
However I find myself need to refere to other books like Core JSTL and Pro JSP in order to gain a better understanding.
It is a LITTLE bit more helpful if you can get cerificate like PMP, CISA, SCEA ....
I will take the exam at 1 Feb ....
[ January 20, 2004: Message edited by: Kelvin Chan ]
My friend and I will take it at 1 Feb ... I use Pro JSP 3.0 mainly.