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Welcome to CodeRanch!

In Java, variables have a scope. In particular, local variables are only available within the block ({}) they are declared. That means array1 and noHeader are no longer available by the time you get to the if statement.

You can declare them at the beginning of the method (and give them default values) to avoid this problem.
1 day ago
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October 22Machine Learning with R: Expert techniques for predictive modelingBrett LantzPacktSudd Ghosh, paul nisset, Vaseem MohammedWinners sent 11/11/19)
October 29Java 13 Revealed: For Early Adoption and MigrationKishori SharanApressSalvin Francis, Serge Yurk , Campbell Ritchie , Robert IngmarssonWinners sent 11/11/19)
November 5Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam: A Study Guide Using Spring Framework 5/Iuliana CosminaApressCharles O'Leary, Geff Chang, Saket Barve, Shaik AshishWinners sent 11/11/19)
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November 19OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-815Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott SelikoffSybexNamith Kumar, Salil Wadnerkar, Aysenur Eroglu, Shaik AshishWinners sent 12/11/19
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2 days ago
Yes. That is correct.
I heard from people who had to manually request Sun certs be loaded. So the migration was "inconsistent"
Thank you for reporting this. Scott and I are updating this book for Java 11 early next year. So we are definitely interested in hearing about anything that is wrong/unclear/etc.

You are probably aware that we maintain our own errata list. I'm traveling for about a week and it's a pain to edit that page on the go, so I'll add this one when I get back home.

The best way to report errata is here at the ranch. The second best way is by emailing me. (I sent my email in a PM since you've been helpful.) The least effective way is to report it on the wiley engine because it has to go through some intermediaries to even get to us.
Congrats on being the first to post about this. I've cross linked it form all our Oracle cert forums.
Welcome Ron!
1 week ago
The practice questions book has more "English type" questions than the real exam. We did that so you'd have a solid handle on all the concepts. This one wasn't meant to be a trick question! Sorry if it turned out to be one.

You do understand the point of that question though - for-each can only go forward, one at a time, in order.
It does say that! It's an estimate of course. (We are working on writing it!). The publishers estimate for the 1Z0-815 book was spot on though so April 20th looks promising.

Artem Trofymov wrote:What about the book availability on safarionline (a.k.a. Is it exclusively distributed by amazon?

All three of our Java 8 books are on Safari Online. I don't remember how much after they came out that happened but I know it wasn't right away.
Welcome to CodeRanch! Java 5 is very old. I recommend downloading the latest version of Java. The language is (mostly) backward compatible so you can still use Head First Java to learn the basics.

If you still want to download Java 5, it is on the archive page
1 week ago
This suggests you are running the command from the command line. So while it was built with Maven, you are still running it yourself. Which makes sense.

That means you need to add testng (and anything else the app depends on) to your classpath. Alternatively, you can create a shaded jar in Maven that has everything you need in it.
1 week ago