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Thank you for all the comments

Guillaume Bailly wrote:The note on page 762 says "The Stream interface includes a method isParallel() [...]"
This might sound like Stream defines this method, while it actually inherits it from BaseStream.
With interfaces there is not a big difference, except for us to know that this method is also available for primitive streams.

We don't talk about BaseStream in the book. The reader doesn't need to know it exists.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:The copy() method on page 798 is rather confusing since it actually does a move operation.

Added to errata.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:The box on top of page 814 is missing bold font for one "forName" (unless there is a reason for this).

No reason

Guillaume Bailly wrote:Although table 15.7 on page 888 clearly describes the procedures that follow, I would have found it useful to also see the output for the procedures that are called in the following pages.

This was intentional. It doesn't matter what the stored procedures do.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:For review question 6 of chapter 15 on page 901, I would add single quotes around the word Jenga.

Agreed that this is wrong. Added to errata.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:About review question 17 of chapter 14 (pages 858 and 957), I understand why option F is not correct, although I think it could have been a little bit better justified.
I read "Files is part of NIO.2, whereas File is part of, which means option F is incorrect."
The real reason to me is that Files.readAtributes() works with the Path interface.

We often include only one incorrect reason. I'm ok with that.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:"Unlike Runnable, in which the get() methods always return null[...]"

This sentence could give the impression that there are get() methods on a Runnable.

I see that. Added to the list of things we should change. Interestingly, it was like that in the Java 8 and 11 versions of the book too.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:When looking at the Java API, it appears that CallableStatement actually extends from PreparedStatement instead of being a sibling.

So, while they both are subinterfaces of Statement (as correctly stated on page 873), the drawing could perhaps be updated to better reflect the reality.

We were going for clarity here. Both are Statements. The subinterface thing could confuse people. That said, will consider again for next book.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:In this case, I don't really understand why the procedure in review question 14 of chapter 15 only mentions a single ? as parameter.
There, I would expect two ? inside the parentheses since there is one IN parameter and one OUT parameter.

The ?= is the OUT parameter here. The format can vary by database.
Welcome to CodeRanch!

There are practice questions, but not all the time. It comes in spurts though (when they are testing new questions) so it is reasonable you got five practice questions both times.
The best way to get help is to ask Oracle for support.

The support link is here
Welcome to CodeRanch!

1) Yes
2) I don't know. Oracle recently changed from using Pearson VUE to running thing themselves. I think the exam can only be taken from home/work/remotely now vs at a testing center but I'm not 100% sure.
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January 18Rust Web Development  Bastian GruberManningandrea aplaya, Geoff McKay, Jose Samonte, Marouane Trabelsi Sent in winners 2/12/22
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May 10 OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-829 )Scott Selikoff and Jeanne BoyarskySybexGabi Maxim, Shaik Ashish, Charles O'Leary, Aurelian RoscaSent in winners (6/15/22) — Charles O'Leary received 06/16/2022;
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May 31DevOps Tools for Java Developers: Best Practices from Source Code to Production ContainersStephen Chin, Melissa McKay, Ixchel Ruiz, Baruch SadogurskyO'ReillyRaul Rios, Junilu Lacar, Lloyd Hatch, Tim HollowaySent in winners (6/15/22)
June 14Quarkus Cookbook: Kubernetes-Optimized Java SolutionsAlex Soto Bueno & Jason PorterO'ReillyRaul Rios, Carl McGee, Geoff McKay, Patrick DungSent in winners 6/28/22 (Carl McGee received book)
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October 4Escape Velocity: Better Metrics for Agile TeamsDoc NortonOnbelay ConsultingJunilu Lacar, Carl McGee, Felipe Andrade, Geoff McKaySent in winners (10/26/22)
October 11OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Practice Tests: Exam 1Z0-829Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott SelikoffSybexShaik Ashish, Peter Schuster, Anlar Larsen, Arjun ManiSent in winners (10/26/22)
October 25  Groking Functional Programming[url=ł-Płachta ]Michał Płachta/url]ManningVladimir Shcherbina, Sean Corfield, M Khalid, Andrzej MaslowskiWaiting for winners info
November  15The Well-Grounded Java DeveloperBen Evans, Jason Clark & Martijn VerburgManningGary W. Lucas , satya Priya Sundar , Liutauras Vilda , T H LimWaiting for winners info
November 29Data Structures the Fun Way: An Amusing Adventure with Coffee-Filled ExamplesJeremy KubicaNo Starch PressTim Holloway, Stephan van Hulst, Chirag Soni, Mike GoslingWaiting for winners info

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First, a big thanks to Jeremy Kubica for being here to promote the book Data Structures the Fun Way: An Amusing Adventure with Coffee-Filled Examples.

The winners are:

Tim Holloway
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Book Promo Winner - Data Structures the Fun Way: An Amusing Adventure with Coffee-Filled Examples - Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

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Thanks and congrats to all the winners.
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Manning is doing a Countdown to 2023 December sale, and for those who sign up to the Deal of the Day in the masterlist before Dec 1 (yeah the one in a few hours) will get a code for 45% off their next order. This year the Countdown will be the opportunity for two people to win an eBook, LP, or LV of their choice every day in December if they're signed up to the DOTD list. More details are coming soon for the actual offer we'll be running.

You can find the sign up page here:
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This week, we're delighted to have Jeremy Kubica helping to answer questions about the new book Data Structures the Fun Way: An Amusing Adventure with Coffee-Filled Examples.
See the table of contents and a sample chapter online.

The promotion starts Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 and will end on Friday, December 2nd, 2022

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1 week ago
Welcome to CodeRanch1

This page shows the bytecode to Java versions. The problem is that you are trying to compile with java 19 and run with Java 8. Check your path. It probably has Java 8 on it.
1 week ago

Guillaume Bailly wrote:I just wanted to add some precision to table 14.9 on pages 823-824.

The method public byte[] readAllBytes() is actually defined in InputStream.
The method public void write(String line) is actually defined in Writer.

True, I'll make a note to see if we want to change that next time

Guillaume Bailly wrote:Hi,

This is a correction for review question 4 of chapter 13.

In my opinion is answer B not correct, unlike what is stated on page 952.
When I run the code, line w1 compiles fine as ScheduledExecutorService extends ExecutorService.


The answer is correct in the book.  The question doesn't ask which lines don't compile. It asks which lines would need to be changed. You can't assign it to a regular Executor because then the "scheduleWithFixedDelay" call won't work.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:"First, it looks at the source and seeing three elements" (middle of page 565)
=> not exactly grammatically correct

This is fine. As an native English speaker, it sounds like something someone could say.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:"Aside from BooleanSupplier, they all involve the double, int, or long primitives." (top of page 580)
=> not sure how this relates to the text that precedes

"They" is the list of all the streams two sentences back plus all the optional types in the previous sentence.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:"The sum() method returns an int rather than an OptionalInt because the sum of an empty list is zero." (answer to review question 8 of chapter 10 on page 943)
=> technically this is not a list but a stream

Agreed. Noted on list of things to change for next time.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:Review question 20 of chapter 10 on page 590
=> there is actually no explicit link between the Optional of the question and the variable opt in the answers

This seems fine to me. We talk about Optional and then use a variable.

Guillaume Bailly wrote:"[...] which make option H the final answer." (answer to review question 11 of chapter 12 on page 950)
=> the phrasing is a little bit weird, since D and G are also right

This is correct. It's the final answer. D and G were earlier answers.