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Recent posts by Jeanne Boyarsky

Yes. line 8 is an instance initializer. There are two instance initializers in this code.

t  - first call only has the static initilizer run
t  - second call has no change so the previous value
tcrcr - third call has the original value plus the two "cr" from each of the two instance initializers
When I compile, I get an error that cone3 is not initialized. (cone1 is fine).

And the compiler is correct. Nowhere in this code is cone3 assigned a value.
10 hours ago

daniel jacob wrote:. I am looking into the upgrade exam for Java 11, but I do not see any information regarding study material for this exam. Perhaps someone knows a book or tutorial of some sort that covers the objectives for java 11?

That's because the exam is so new. The wiki has everything we know about. There will be more material over time.
I asked the original poster to email the book promo account. once he doesn't, I'll check in with the publisher.
3 days ago
I recommend the Enthuware practice exam software. It's only $10 and they provide a lot of good questions. It's harder than the exam, but so is my book. I'm a believer in making the practice harder so you really nail down the concepts and do better on the real exam.
3 days ago

salvin francis wrote:I went creative on that picture
I call this one: "The cow swings over the moon" ... or can we say Mooooooon ;)

That's great!
5 days ago
I saw this at my local street fair. It's now mine. It's on a spring so it swings when the wind blows.

6 days ago
Most jobs in technology require learning new things frequently and rapidly.  If you want to keep coding, jobs that involve database (SQL) or UNIX shell scripting are possibilities. I suspect they will still involve coding more hours a week than you want though.

Being a business analyst or project manager don't involve as much re-learning. However, projects still vary and the business does change.

Manual software testing doesn't change quickly, but many companies are phasing it out in favor of automated testing. Which goes back to the original problem of having to code all day and learn new things quickly.

Maybe a technology help desk? The domain still changes but not as much.
6 days ago

Vaibhav Gargs wrote:What is the difference in Spring Singleton and Java Singleton?

Not all Spring singletons are Java singleton. A Java singleton is coded in a way that prevents code from creating two instances of the object.

A Spring singleton just means that Spring will only create one object. There's nothing to stop other Java code from creating other instances. Think of it as object pooling/caching.
6 days ago
Ah. So you are using Linux. That makes sense!
6 days ago
Can you try it again with the classpath in quotes?

javac -classpath "/mnt/c/apache-tomcat-9.0.20/lib/servlet-api.jar;classes;". -d classes src/com/example/web/

Also, is this a valid path in Windows? On my machine the path looks more like c:/apache....
6 days ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:. . . I'd like to be really clear on what "old" means here. . . .

Date predates Calendar by a couple of versions. Cay Horstmann says you might be forgiven for getting it wrong and correcting it in the second version, but Calendar gets it wrong nearly as much as Date. Or something like that. I don't have my copy of Horstmann to hand to verify the page number or anything.

The point is that neither of them are on the cert exam because both were "superseded" by LocalDate

edit - oh, you are referring to the API designers, not my post
While it is ok, consider installing the latest version of Eclipse (2019-03) rather than Oxygen. Since you are taking the time to install anyway, why use a two year old version?
1 week ago
Rayan: Welcome to CodeRanch

Campbell: I think he is talking about university, not cert exams. Because he mentions a 4 year range.

I'd recommend saying 2014. It's what your transcript says and it is more recent. For new grads, they will often say "December 2013" to clear up any ambiguity. But this only matters because the employer needs to know when the candidate is available to work full time. Your degree was about 5 years ago. So all anybody cares about is that it exists. The year isn't important anymore; your work experience is.
1 week ago
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