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Three because that's how many things are wrong.

The real exam is more likely to ask you whether a specific line has a compiler error. Or if there are any. We like to make you count so we get you to think more. If you can solve our harder questions, you'll have no trouble on the real exam!
Welcome to CodeRanch! I edited the subject to say where the question came from. (We ask posters to identify the source of all mock exam questions. I recognized mine!)
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2 days ago
Duke is going cloud surfing! Announced here

1 week ago
This varies by region. Do you have any paid experience programming? If not, you are looking for an entry level job. And even then, you have to show you can code. (For example, do you have a github account)
I don't know why it doesn't work as one would expect, but it's interesting. I flagged this post to get it some more attention.
1 week ago
Welcome to CodeRanch! You were in the right forum. Since it's a new question, I split it into a new thread.

What you propose is definitely the easiest path to the Java 11 cert. Please read my blog post for the things you won't be tested on. (Make sure you still learn that material for your coding development!)

Employers rarely care which version of a cert you have.
I find "How are you" is often asked in the hallway. Often both people are still walking.
1 week ago

Elias Khan wrote:The book that I'm using says it's not a bad idea to at least have your time split up in quarters so you know every step of the way of your going too slow. I don't want to waste minutes calculating this first before I can start.

The clock on the computer screen handles that though. The exam is 3 hours. So quarters are 45 minutes. You can see when get to 2:15 left and the like without a watch.

Nicolai Parlog wrote:

Milan Bhagwat wrote:Hi Nicolai, Great to see book on Module system. Does this book also includes JDK 11 changes?  

Yes, it's up to date with Java 11. That wasn't difficult, though, because there's only really one important module-system-related change between 9 and 11 and that's the removal of the Java EE modules.

And the JRE no longer being available as a standalone download. Everyone has either the JDK or a jlink packaged version for Java 11 projects.
1 week ago
First, a big thanks to Nicolai Parlog for being here to promote the book The Java Module System.

The winners are:

Sai Hegde
Will Myers
satya Priya Sundar
Piotr Nowicki

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Book Promo Winner - The Java Module System - Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

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Thanks and congrats to all the winners.
1 week ago
Obviously it won't help you for the OCP 8 exam since modules got introduced later. The book doesn't require pre-req knowledge of modules. The beginning chapters start out with the basics.

That said, I would recommend reading it after you pass the OCP 8. Reading other things first just puts more stuff in your brain. Also, it increases the chances of you thinking an answer is wrong on the exam because "it sounds familiar". But it sounds familiar because it is topic that isn't on the exam!
1 week ago

Elaine Byrne wrote:So I'm disgruntled about how much it seems I would have to revisit for 1Z0-817, i.e. material not new to Java 9/10/11:
-- Try-with-resources and multi-catch , plus NIO.2, which I studied for OCP 7, but not the upgrade to 8(!)
-- Lambdas and all the streams API details I studied for the upgrade to 8 (seemingly everything except the Date/Time API?...ha, so now I've been through that and the previous deprecated version, while Java 11 'direct' candidates do not have to cover either!)

At the same time, you will probably find those topics easier than modules. So it adds some balance to the exam rather than everything being a new topic.

Elaine Byrne wrote:On the other hand it seems I avoid having to study a few new (post-8) features (annotations and secure coding? - I'm not sure where these are described) – I know I can explore these by myself, but surely it would be better to have them included them in a separate 8->9 upgrade exam in place of the repeated material?

Note that these are not new topics to Java 9/10/11. They are new to the exam. To learn about them:
  • Oracle annotations trail
  • Oracle's Secure Coding Guide

  • Elaine Byrne wrote:
    (And then, on a tangent, the appearance to the uninitiated that OCP for Java 8 is 3 versions behind the current 11.)

    You mean like HR? Because a dev team would know about the 6 month release model.

    Elaine Byrne wrote:
    I wonder if there is any chance Oracle would reconsider the upgrade situation. Anyone know of any petitions on this? Suppose I could write to them (ha ha)...

    A similar problem existed for Java 8. You had to know different topics based on what path you took. So I think it is intentional.
    2 weeks ago
    When I started working in an office, someone suggested to me that "Fine, thank you for asking. How are you?" is a far better answer than "good." It's a lot of ceremony, but it makes people happy...

    That said, sometimes I answer "how are you" with an elevator pitch. Like when my book came out. If anyone asked how I was, I'd brag about the book .
    2 weeks ago