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This week, we're delighted to have Romain Manni-Bucau helping to answer questions about the new software Java EE 8 High Performance.  See the table of contents/preview online.

The promotion starts Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 and will end on Friday, March 23rd, 2018.

We'll be selecting four random posters in this forum to win a free copy  provided by the publisher, Packt.

Image from unknown

Please see the Book Promotion page to ensure your best chances at winning!

Posts in this welcome thread are not eligible for the drawing, and should be reserved for welcoming the author. Questions posted in this topic are subject to removal.
I think you'll have a long wait. The new group hasn't expressed an interest in creating a certification. And even if they did, they have a bunch of higher priorities.
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Starting DateCoverBookAuthor(s)PublisherCodeRanch Forum
March 20Java EE 8 High PerformanceRomain Manni-BucauPacktJava/Jakarta EE
March 27 Java EE 8 - Only What's New (e-book)Alex TheedomLean PublishingJava EE
April 3Available
April 10Murach's HTML5 and CSS3Anne Boehm & Zak RuvalcabaMurachHTML, CSS and JavaScript
April 17Java by Comparison (e-book)Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard, Linus DietzPragmatic PressJava in General
April 24Securing DevOpsJulien VehentManningSecurity
May 1Kafka Streams in Action  Bill BejeckManningFunctional Programming
May 8Available
May 15Available
May 22Available
May 29Available

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1 day ago
CodeRanch Book Promotions - This Year's Winners

A big Congratulations to all our winners!

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January 2Architecting Modern Java EE ApplicationsSebastian DaschnerPacktRavi Desigan, Tim Holloway, Charles O'Leary, Esteban SuarezSent in winners 1/21/18; Receieved (1/22/18, Charles O'Leary)
January 9Getting started with Spring Framework: covers Spring 5J Sharma & Ashish SarinCreate SpaceRavi Saluru, J Kilgrow, Ramadan Pajaziti, David SachdevSent in winners 1/21/18
January 23Kubernetes in ActionMarko LuksaManningT Vergilio, Daniel Owen Williams, Jorge Ruiz-Aquino, Tim Holloway  Sent in winners 2/11/18
January 30The Tao of MicroservicesJ Richard RodgerManningDaniel Demesmaecker, Dave Tolls, Ankur R Jain, Brian Burress  Sent in winners 2/11/18
February 6Get Programming with Scala (MEAP only) Daniela SfregolaManningpaul nisset, Alex Khvatov, Will Myers, Thomas Zink  Sent in winner info (3/18/18)
February 13RESTful Service with JAX-RS 2.0 (Lynda three month subscription)Alex TheedomLyndaSatya Priya Sundar, Shantha Dodmane, Pankaj Sonani, Stephan van HulstSent in winner info (3/18/18)
February 27Java SE 9 for the ImpatientCay HorstmannAddison-Wesley ProfessionalJorge Ruiz-Aquino, Aysenur Eroglu, Campbell Ritchie, Andrew McDonald Sent in winner info (3/18/18)

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2 days ago
That's definitely a server problem. I recommend waiting until Monday to see if it is solved. And then contacting Sybex support. Please reply here if you have trouble finding how to do that.
The exam price went up from $95 US to $155 US. Still less expensive than the "real" OCA, but a big price jump.

If you are think of taking the Foundation exam, read my blog for why I think you shouldn't
Unstickying now that the old OCAJ/SCJA have their end of life announced.
The comment about reuse is for if you want to change the number of months. If you want to change 1 months to three, you don't have to change the method that takes a Period as a parameter. And that's good reuse.

This feels trivial because everything is in one class. But pretend it wasn't. If another developer/team wrote the method and gave it to you inside a jar file, it wouldn't be so easy to change the method insides.
The 50 question chapters with the single answer questions are meant to be easy. They are reinforcing your learning so you are more likely to increase your score on regular tests.

I recommend doing the six end of chapter review questions in the OCA book a bunch of times. As you do each one, say why the right answer is what it is. Ideally out loud. This will train your brain to look for the details likely to trip you up on the exam.
What does that term mean to you? It could be developing a specific part of the app. It could be developing servers. It could even be deploying to servers
1 week ago

Yosi Hendarsjah wrote:Do we have to provide a proof that we are indeed certified in a previous version to take the 1Z0-813 exam?

Not to take the exam. But to get certified afterwards, yes. So essentially, yes.
Enthuware is good and only $10. Go for it!
It's unlikely that anyone here is familiar with the Microsoft certs so you are unlikely to get an answer. Sorry.
I'm sorry to hear that. You do have to pay to take the exam again.

When you re-study, make sure you can explain why every review question answer is correct.
Yes, this can be done in raw SQL. It's not particular efficient; doing a loop behind the scenes. But for small datasets, that is fine.

The nested query gets the games a player played. If there aren't any for that player/match combo, the outer query includes the data. The distinct is because the cartesian product of the outer query creates duplicate rows.