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Recent posts by jamel bal

I'm trying to get the ebook version of Head First EJB. Unfortunally I couldn't find it.
In safari online book it's not available yet.
Does any body know were I can get it.
Thank you.
Thank you all for the answer.
I shouldn't ask a trivial question like this. I was a little bit confuse, I'm returning using java little by little.
Thank you all cool:
I have the contractor assignment. I did read some comments about lock and unlock and the possibility to use them. Those two methods are platform depending as far as I know. However if I use just exclusive lock does this guaranty the platform independence.
thank you!
Any tips or hints that will be great.
19 years ago
Thanks for the links that's exactly what I'm looking for.
I'm still waiting for sun to send me email to download the assignment. A simple question.
Does the project run, and I have to upgrad it, or it's an incomplete code that need to be fixed first?
Is there any probleme if I use Jbuilder with all it's features.
Thank you. :roll:
Thanks to everybody for the support, I just pass the exam today.
19 years ago
Thank you for your help.
Following the SCWCD kit book:
It says

ServletContext initialization parameters are available in all of the JVMs.
Recall that ServletContext initialization parameters are specified in the
deployment descriptor.

but in the following linkclick here
it has a different idea

The parameters are local to the virtual machine (VM) in which they are created. If information needs to be shared between servlets in a distributed environment, it should be placed in a session (which migrates with the user between servers), or a store such as a database, EJB, or directory service

SCWCD exam study kit is the best. You will need around three weeks of preparation.more information are available on the SCWCD links on this website You may buy the online version from manning website.
Take care and good luck
Does anybody know when SUN start with the new assignments. And how different they will be from the actual ones.
And would you please consider what another member Andrew Monkhouse said about the "NX". I think he has a better idea. Starting the subject with an abreviation of the exam will make it easier for us to find what we need.

Off topic question to the bartenders: instead of NX: in the headings, would it be better to have "FBNS", "HTL", or "CTX" in the headings? And no mnemonic for general issues? Otherwise we could get to a point 12 months from now where every post starts with "NX" and newcommers are confused.) Andrew

My idea is little different. I think if you want to have both certification is better to start with the scwcd for the following reason:
fast (it will take you one month if you are going to start from scratch)
the exam is very easy, and you won't have problem to pass.
The SCJD need time to devolop and learn, it also has two parts assignments and exams.

So my idea is to get the SCWCD the faster you can, and you may see something that will give you a plus for the SCJD.
And of course it all depends in your career goals.
Hope I did help
How can I see the answers for the mock exam. and how many question are in there.
You still have the time to rescheduale the exam.
Better to have a practice before you got the certification.
You still have your chances to pass since the exam is not that hard. But believe me after you got the certification it will be very hard for you to go back and do some practice. we are leisy by nature.
So try to practice before and change the date.
It doesn't make any sense to have the certification and won't be able to run a simple web application.