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is equavalant to i=i+1;
i = i++;
i = i = i+1;
isn't it
18 years ago
Thanks hope it's helpful for her
She is using WindowsXP..........
18 years ago
My friend is in the problem :

/tmp/ccAKmd2Omain.o: In function `main':
/tmp/ccSzJJ2nmain.i(.text+0x12): undefined reference to `_CL_4Main'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What's wrong ???
18 years ago
As I am from C/C++ background, I am not going through the details of Java.
But I have a problem........
When I needed any help or functions info. I just go through the help and search it I get it.....
But Java it has a huge library but how can I knw all of it's methods parameter.......action.....
Any site link for the class library details with example ???
18 years ago
From a Bangladeshi friend!
18 years ago
All I know, understand and feel what Gregg said:
Really Philosophical

1. Do whatever earns you a living.
2. Use whatever language can get the job done.

18 years ago
If you know about any free e-books or web links that may be helpful too...
18 years ago
I was thinking to buy this book! But not getting it's Indian edition:
Without Indian print I can't get it in Bangladesh!
Once I was told to read it... it is very good also informed !!!
18 years ago
What is wrong with this float?
There are nine decimal places of precision. Data type float can't handle that. (The compiler will round the number into a value that can fit in a float).
18 years ago
Thanks! To you all!
For your info. and good thoughts
What I want to discuss is not language specific materials. It may be of Graph or Number Theory, sorting, recursion, Divide and Conquier strategy, Greedy,Backtracking...Computatinal geometry or even NP complete/NP hard.....Automata........NLP.......Regular expression...context free language......
Many many language dependent or independent topics........
But I think you guyes are experienced or have enough CS background to consult with though I haven't
18 years ago
Hello! I found this forum in Google when I first looking for a forum where I can discuss about Java.
Now while I am looking for a forum whre I can discuss about Algorithms I failed to find different search engines.....
Do you know where I can discuss about Data Structure and Algorithms....... generally ???
18 years ago
Thanks! Gregg!
for your comments and your valuable opinion! As a new programmer I will always remember your advice........ especially.....

1. Do whatever earns you a living.
2. Use whatever language can get the job done.

Thanks again !
Hope here I will find many important tips and guidelines from "you" experienced persons in this Ranch
[ June 15, 2003: Message edited by: Enamul Haque ]
18 years ago
I am a Java starter!
I know little C/C++ and when I was starting Java, my freind told me to start C# rather than Java as Java won't survive because of C#. She informed also that if I wanna be a really professional programmer I must know C# because it is better than Java and much more faster than Java.
But I searched on the web and found that as C# is a typical MS product there are not more library i.e. package available as it is for Java. Besides there are very good editors for Java. And JDK is free........
So, I have started Java.
Can I share my opinion with you ???
Or any news or link to share with ???
[ June 14, 2003: Message edited by: Enamul Haque ]
18 years ago
Oh! I am using WinXp. Installed JDK 1.3 working not so good not so bad for Java programs.
But the main problem is with the brower ie.
When I wnnt to see any page containing Applets it tell me to install JVM and while I click to download it takes me to Microsoft Virtual Machine in windows update page.....
But I want Java Virtual Machine for the browser! What can I do ???
18 years ago
I have another problem!
I first installed Mandreake Linux - 9 and then found a very good boot loader! But after installing the WinXp in another drive the loader gone and now I know that if I again install Mandrake I'll get the OS with Boot loader back but without installing again what can I do ???
18 years ago