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Recent posts by Sirisha Reddy

How to change the first example application such that the results are appreated in results.jsp... how do you do that?
I think such scenario is very realistic to learn struts.. any takers to this question ...? thanks ,
18 years ago
Hi guys,
The intention was to create the group for those who want to tame the TIGER not 1.4. Having said that, 1.4 ppl can surely benifit from it.

I will create a yahoogroups account for a common platform (for emails and progress chekin etc... ). But post all your questions in javaranch only.

FIRST FEW DAYS TASKS - Starting from today. (This should be a smooth sail for many of us)
DAY 1: Language fundamentals operators and assignments.
DAY 2: Modifiers, Convering and Casting
DAY 3: Flow control, assertions and exceptions.
DAY 4: OBJECTS and classes
DAY 5: Review time.

OK Sal
why dont you present some real world problems so that forum members can benifit by trying to solve them.
Ok Folks,

I guess we have enough ppl on board for a grp.. we even have berts blessings.. i will update the thread with a calendar of reading tasks pretty soon and lets share views/Q&As/notes or anything that is useful in this mission.

Let us get it started and get it over.


time to update the certification. If there is anyone just started prep for tiger cert and interested in forming a study group - please respond. Let us have a target of study material everyday and finish this baby in 3/4 weeks time. I am following Heller n Roberts SYBEX book.

Thanks n best wishes,
What about filters ??
Can you use them to do this stuff.. have you explored em?

I havent gotten that far in my reading.. let us know if you did...

Interesting thought from akbari.. saying if you do not like HF series you are not a team player.. !?!
kids brains understand n interperet pics much better.. throwing in a pic of pam anderson in a physics txtbook will make it more interesing for em for sure, though pam and physics have nothing in common than letter p : )

levity aside, i think some ppl just want to dive in to the crux than wander around the bushes.

Bert, I appreciate your presence and honest response. Remember, I am a buyer too .. : )

[ July 11, 2005: Message edited by: Sirisha Reddy ]
Mind you though, your code does not take care of removing the user from the servlet context when the session is over.
i dont see why d is not correct answer ?!

I heard a lot of good things abt this book. I bought one and it is definitly not for me. Very hard to read and remember for someone who used to regular textbooks which are filled with less/no distractions (extreneuos diagrams / photos/ pointers/jokes etc.)

It is just me? or is there anyone out there on this small planet who share my views.

Use this event/method sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent se) in javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener

to remove the context variables..
i meant in servletcontext scope. when the session begins store the logged username as servletcontext level scope variable .. for every new user login .. check if the user already exists and prevent him from loggin again. make sure to delete the user when the session ends!


When user logs in, store the username as a application scope variable. So that username is availbale across all sessions and requests.
My 2 cents.

Thanks for your input Ben.

If the forms are in two diffrenet jsps.. and there is a a.html file that has two frames and one frame src is one.jsp and other frame src=two.jsp.

What if I want to call the form in one.jsp from the two.jsp in the a.html file.. does it make any difference to your above code.

Thanks Ben,
Can we submit one form from another form in the same page.