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Recent posts by peng chen

Score: 90
Comment: This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section and the actual amount of points you were awarded. This information is provided in order to give you feedback on your relative strengths on a section basis. The maximum number of points you could have received is 100, minimum to pass is 70. Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 41 Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 37 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

very glad to receive the news today.
According to the guide of the SCEA,it needs us to support the web appliction and swing application.Now I want to ask in my component diagrame ,I only provide the web application components ,sush as jsp forms,but lack of the swing component .Needs I add the swing component and and add the swing solution in sequence diagrame?
Actually I want to provide the only web solution because the swing solution is same to the web except the client side.So I want to add the solution in assumption.It can reduce my count of components ,and let the sequence diagrame be concise.
Is that availiable?
,why no people will response ?I need help Perhaps now Many People are afraid that posting the reply for the question about the SCEA part 2 will prohibit the rule.I dont know \
please help
but the question I think will not refer to the real case of the assignment
I hava a question: In class diagram ,in mark cade book,there are only entity objects in this diagram,such as "Customer,Order,Account" and some session beans in it .but it lacks Action class and DAO class ,but they exists in my component I want to ask wheher the DTO and value object or entity object can only exist in the class diagram. whereas the struct classes are not in the class diagram but in the component diagram.
[ December 01, 2005: Message edited by: peng chen ]
I also encounter the problem which lets me think about :

Flight Destination from A to B requires:

Segment 1 : Flight 1 representing Destination A to A1
Segment 2 : Flight 2 representing Destination A1 to A2
Segment 3 : Flight 3 representing Destination A2 to A3
Segment 4 : Flight 4 representing Destination A3 to B

I also agree this point . but there is a question about this .Is the responsibility of the System or user to separate the segment .For example ,the user wants to fly A to B, will system automatically to separtate the trip to some segments for user?
I think the equipment is plane type,such as Boeing 737s .is that right?
also a critical question: what is frequent flyer mileage ? what is the function about this system to book the itinerary?
please anyone give adive to me
3rd question:
according to the instruction,it needs not us to add the attribute and method to the class diagram,is that right?
and what is "equipment" in the BDM?
[ October 26, 2005: Message edited by: peng chen ]
the second question:
there is a Businese domain model in the instructions .It exists a BDM diagram.In the assignment ,should we make this diagram as a base,and add some new class diagrams in it?
but in fact the BDM includes most parts of the class diagram . ,what else classes diagram can I add to it?please people can provide one example to it.(should add session bean or service locator?)
the instruction said "Listing of any assumptions made during the process of coming up with the architecture and design.",but did not require us to write a document.
I want to ask : Must the documents be one of the deliverables,but this point not refer in the instruction.
As far as I knew,the document should be added in SCJD.
Saturday I passed the SCEA,the score is 77%,Totally ,I felt the the questions is more difficulty than the mock exam that ranch provided and yahoo provided ,all the questions in the real exam needs you think over ,I think if I had no experience in some case for architecture ,perhpas I will failed in it,
And passed the scbcd and knowledge in EJB helpe me in the real exam ,God bless you who go for the part 1 ,shourld take care of it.
perhpas sum will replace the questions all should take care!
hello,Congraturation your good book Andrew MonkHouse,hehe,
"The Sun Certified Java Developer Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition (Paperback)"
So a long time not to see you on MSN,how do you do?perhpaps you are dedicated to
if you hava time ,I hope that I can talk with you .I will hava time on night,
my EL and jsp parts are 100%,but taglid action is poorer ,j2ee pattern is 83%,and in face the j2ee pattern all hava some keys to help to distinguish between others ,so you dont be afraid so much questions in that
and now the exam has 70 questions not 69 questions,please note
Last Saturday ,I passed SCWCD, so happy because I hava prepared for a very long time .
The exam is a bit difficult than I thought.the J-plus+1.4 is helping for preparing for it,but I advise that we should pay more attention in j2ee patterns and EL,
My score is 79%
Hi, all friends here ,Today I just received the mail from Sun which saying that the problem for ddelaying kit has fixed ,thanks god and thanks everyone ,specially Andrew,without our striving for ,we can not get the score,so if you who postting here now had found the problem had not fixed till nowm,you can try best to send more mails to enquiry,should remember,the victory is in your hand!
the Sun mail is follow:
Dear Peng,
Thank you for contacting Prometric, a Thomson business.
We are very sorry for the delay in receiving your Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform certificate. The problem with these certificates has now been fixed, and your welcome kit will be processed shortly.
If we can be of further assistance to you, please respond to this email.
Thank you for testing with Prometric!
SUN CertManager Support