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since Jun 11, 2003
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Recent posts by Venkat Valluru

Hi jon c!
As per my knowledge nothing is required to appear for SCJP
Pls help on this question
static inner class can not access non-static variables of the enclosing class.
The answer I got on the site is True .
But I think that a static inner class can access the non-static variables by constructing an object of the class.
If it were "can not directly non-static ...." access then it would be correct ?
Pls suggest ?
There is a question in java rule round up.
Can an abstract method be overridden ?
Answer : Yes
AN abstract method has no choice . It must be overridden
I think this answer is not correct.
Abstract method does not have an where does the question of overriding arises ?
Pls reply ASAP
has anyone gave up trying to get developer certified ???
I have heard that for this project I need about 2 months and 60 hrs. I have invested more than that and I am still in the middle of things. I am seriously thinking about giving up. Anyone wants to share his or her experiences ???
thank You
Will the waitForID( ) method in MediaTracker class stop a thread ?
What will be the output when you compile and execute the following program.
public class Base{

private void test() {

for (int i = 0; i < 3; i ++) {

for(int j = 0; j < 3; j++){

if (i == 2)
continue two;

if ( j == 2)
continue one;

System.out.println("Values : " + i + "," + j);

static public void main(String[] a) {
new Base().test();

Select all valid answers
a) Values : 0,0
b) Values : 0,1
c) Values : 1,0
d) Values : 1,1
e) Values : 2,0
f) Values : 2,1
Here the correct answers given are a,b,c,d
According to me f should also be the correct answer
as when i == 2 then there is continue two:
so j=0 iteration should not be executed but j=1 should be 2,1 should also come .
but i ran this code and f) answer is not coming.
Can somebody enlighten me on this??