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Recent posts by iyven koh

Here's a site to teach you How to set up your own UDDI. hope it helps
19 years ago
First of all,Welcome Thomas to the forum!
I have received an email about this event and hope to find out the content of this book. What is the focus of this book and who are the targeted audience.

19 years ago
JAXP,JAXB and JAXR questions have taken around same percentage in the whole exam.For my self,after took the exam, i need to sharpen my skill set in JAXB and JAXR which i am not familiar.
I would rate the exam as medium and the quality of exam has quite a space room for improvement. sometimes the questions are not clear or not really in the scope(in my opinion) and some of the answers are vague. However, there are also have some good questions on testing our understanding of Java Web Services. Personally, i don't like the DnD questions too. I need to spend quite some time to figure out how to answer the questions.
Overall, it is still a good experience for me to learn and took the exam.
I guess my chances of passing is 50%. Just wish all those who are going to take the exam in this few days All the Best!
It is important to go through the Blueprint, it has more information rather than RMH's book.
It took me about 4 hours to complete the questions plus making comments on most of the questions. i think if it is purely answering the questions you may need 3 hours.it really depends on you whether you can do it fast or not. Anyway, all the best to your exam.
Hi Varun,
Can you recommend some reading material to prepare for architecture questions??
In WSDL1.1 Spec shows an example (Example 3) about SOAP binding of one-way operation over SMTP using a SOAP Header which soap: operation is not included. Can i say that when SOAP binding is over HTTP, soap: operation element is required?
Please refer to Struts Resource. There are 2 User Group which the ppl meet up and discuss about the Struts Framework.

For online, you can goto Yahoo Jakarta Struts Framework group.
20 years ago
I just found out from internet that this book was just released around 1 month ago(30 April). I would like to find out what does it cover? is it suitable for beginner? What is the difference with current books in the market?
20 years ago
i tried but there's no answer provided??
Dear Nart,
Do you mind to share your exam experience with us at this thread
exam experience?

Thanks a lot and we really need your help!
What kind of questions have been asked for Java->WSDL and WSDL->Java???
Do we need to know the details of how does it map for both mapping? Like portType will map to be interface in Java? Is there any question like this?