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Recent posts by Anurag Mishra

you can check this very good site

It has all the details about xml and related technology.
If you are familiar with javascript objects, you can create a tree kind structure using javascripts and you can display on the screen, this is advance option if you want the tree leaves to be expanded and some action needs to happen.check this URL( )

Else If you just want to display the tree without providing and action to the tree you can use something like this.

The table would have a structure similar to the following:

col 1col 2col 3col 4
col 1.0   
 buttoncol 2.0  
  buttoncol 3.0 
   buttoncol 4.0
col 1.1   
 buttoncol 2.1  
col 1.2   
 buttoncol 2.2  
 button col 3.2 

A reasonably simple Map based data structute should be sufficient to help stored the data model while the table is generated. When generating the HTML, if you turn off all the cell borders then you'll have something that looks much like a tree. If you add little buttons to the cells as indicated by 'button' and write some code behind them then you can use them to collapse/expand individual nodes in the tree. This collapsing/expanding could be done client side (using JavaScritpt and DIV elements wrapping the cells to hide/display) or server side (re-generate the table for that request with certain rows included/excluded).
15 years ago

Please use something like this in your java method.

JasperReport jasperReport = JasperCompileManager.compileReport("--Report file path-- .jrxml");
JasperPrint jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport,new HashMap(),obj);

You can directly use the jasper APIS to generate reports in Pdf,.xls,.html etc. You must generate these report in some directory and then use the popup window or something to view the reports.
15 years ago

I am really not sure with your question, I kow I report is a tool where you can create the reports and if you set the data set you will get the Report in the iReport tool while doing a preview(This is used for Jasper reports right.).

Now your question is how you can display the jasper report directly.

I am not sure what other technology you are using but for simple jsp or struts application what you need to do is to add a button in your jsp and call a method writtem in java.

The java method is going to invoke the jasper api to fill your compiled jasper report which is already compiled.

and you need to launch the report in a popup window or you can embed in same jsp to see the report.

Is this what you are looking for.
15 years ago
Path is where all the executable files will reside usually at this location in jdk for example.

Classpath is where all the jar files are placed at this loaction in jdk.
15 years ago

You just need to go to command propmpt and run the .bat file.

There are some issues like It may say It is not able to find some SAX
or parser error.

In this case you can just download the Xerces parser and put this inside the mm-1.2.jar file.

In case you are not able to run, Please give me your mail id I will send you the new jar file which is working.

Hi Vijay,

I am not sure which specification you are fllowing the Order of Web.xml can be get from the DTD mentioned in the web.xml(any sample .war of your server).

One is this which you can check.

In case you don't know how to interpet a dtd document please visit this link.

well Exoplatform is good but It has some bugs.

16 years ago

I want to take the test IBM-257 to get fmiliar with IBM product.

I have got the Red book. Can anyone tell me how I can prepare for this.


One solution is there you can use the String class
method replace(CharSequence target, CharSequence replacement)

to replace all occurenec of . to | or something else.

And then the split will work and all the words seperated by . will
be stored in a String array.

16 years ago

Please try this to parse your String date to Date Object.

Date dateReturned = null;

try {
java.text.SimpleDateFormat sdf = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat(
dateReturned = sdf.parse(s);
} catch (Exception e) {
System.out.println("Exception is" + e.getMessage());
16 years ago
Hi All,

Thanks for your reply the link
was useful.

I was loking for this driver which type it belongs to

I feel its type4.
Can anoyone explain me how I can find what Type of driver is available on my machine.
I know there are four types of drivers I just want to identify the Drivers Type
installed on my machine by using java program or something.
Hi Eric and Swamy thanks a lot for your reply I will work with your suggestions.

thanks a lot.
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply but the focus won't scroll in the table rows and display the newly created row which I have added dynamically.
I tried to ficus that row by assigning one Id to the slement in the row but it did't worked.

Do you have some other idea.