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Recent posts by Padmavathi Narayana

We have a J2EE application running in bea weblogic 8.1, we want to port that application into bea weblogic workshop 8.1 portal. For this, we have created the ear file.we have created one application and created one project within the application. If we place the ear file within the project then lock symbols are appering on each file and displaying "files could not be opened as there is no handler defined for it".
Can anyone tell me what is the mistake we are doing? We are spending lot of time on this without any fruitful result.
Any help regarding this is highly appreciated.
20 years ago
Hi All,
We are having a application deployed in Bea weblogic 8.1, and it is running fine. Now we wanted to deploy it in bea weblogic workshop portal.
In order to do this, we created the .ear file of application and imported into portal.
But when we wanted to open any JSP pages or Class files we could not able to do it. Because there is a lock symbol on each file which is not letting us to do it. We went through many documents and tried many options but nothing is working out. Any suggestions or help in this is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
20 years ago
Hi all,
I just completed my Java programmer 1.4 exam and now planning to take
SCWCD. I do not have any experience or much knowledge in this.
So anybody please suggest me how to start, which books and which sites
are the best?
I greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding this!!!
Thanks in advance
Please anybody any explain when we have to take the 2's complement. is it only for the -ve numbers
while doing & | ^ operations or what?
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
Thanks Damien.
I am clear abt how this example works. But I want to know in general when we have to take 2's complement(is it for only -ve numbers including int)? Because in the earlier example 2's complement is taken for only byte which is -ve.
I tried the same with minor changes like,
1) byte b1=-5;
byte i=0xf;
byte b2=(byte)(b1^i);
I got -12.
ie 1111 1011
0000 1111
1111 0100
I know it is not hard. But I think I am missing something .
Thanks in advance
byte b1=-5;
int i=0xff;
byte b2=(byte)(b1^i);
then b2=4.
b1=1111 1101
b2=(b1^i)= 1111 1101
1111 1111
0000 0010
if we take 2's complement
1111 1110
Is my calculation is correct?
If not can anybody tell me how
we got 4?
Thanks in advance.
Is Mughal and Rasmussen mock exams solution is available on the net if so can anybody inform me the link.
Thanks in advance
Sorry, neglet it. I realized my mistake here!!!
the question is from single topic Dan's exam abt assertions Q.#7
class C {
String m1(int i) {
switch (i) {
case 0: return "A";
case 1: return "B";
case 2: return "C";
throw new AssertionError();
public static void main(String[] args) {
C c = new C();
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {

Which statements are true?
a. With assertions enabled it prints "ABC" followed by an AssertionError message.
b. With assertions disabled it prints "ABC" followed by an AssertionError message.
c. Assertions should not be used within the default case of a switch statement.
d. In this code example an "assert" statement could not be used in place of the "throw" statement.
e. A compiler error is generated.
f. None of the above.
Ans: a,b,d
As a know, when assertion is disabled means it is same as running in jdk version less then 1.4
I ran it in jdk1.3.1 and got a compile time AssertionError not found. So is ans b is correct if my assumption is right.
Given a variable x of type int(can be -ve), which are correct ways of doubling the value of x?
Ans given is:b,c,d,e
I thought it is e because multiplication and addition of -ve number does not result in doubling the result here.
Eg: x=-2;x=-2*2=-4<-2
Thanks in advance
Is it true,
All the members of the superclass are inherited by the subclass.
Answer given is true.
But according to my knowledge the private members are not inherited.
Hi Mo Bustany,
I think the highest order bit is used as sign bit. So if the number is greater than 0x7fff and assigned to short if give give a loss of precision compilation error.