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Recent posts by Lisa French

I think that I've heard and read the InitialContext reffered to as the JNDIContext. Now that I look at my books, JNDIContext seems to usually be the reference variable name for the InitialContext.

Thanks for helping clear this up. For some unknown reason, the contexts have been a "sticky" topic for me.

So, it sounds like there are only two types of contexts.

One for the EJBs themselves that provide them with an "in" to the container environment. Session, entity, and message driven beans each have their own subclass of EJBContext for this.

The other is for accessing JNDI. The only class here is InitialContext.

Do I have it now?
Can someone please post a brief definition of each of the context terms and what they are used for? There seem to be so many of them.

EJBContext (ancestor of above two?)

any others?
Ok, so SCJP is required to get SCBCD. Is there a particular version and/or a particular timeframe that the SCJP was acquired to satisfy the prerequisite for SCBCD?
I like C: Guy saying "Oh"

He is doing what everyone will be doing after they read the book. Saying "Oh, design patterns. I get it now!!! Now, I'm so excited to go and apply the patterns to the mess I've been working on for years."
[ September 09, 2004: Message edited by: Lisa French ]
17 years ago
BookPool is listing the soon to be released Head First Design Patterns book at the best price. If I pre-order from them, will I get one of the first batch produced? Or would I get it sooner pre-ordering from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (at a higher price)?

Has anyone that ordered from Amazon received their book yet?
Kathy had said on another thread that amazon would get the first print copies so I imagine that you would get it fastest from them. That's what I'm banking on. I've got my pre-order placed with them.
Are there any updates on the expected release date of this book?

Bert? Kathy? Are you still expecting June?
I've placed my advance order for the book. Now all I have to do is impatiently wait for it. I'm eager to get it as I've been so pleased with my Head First EJB book and found that it exactly fit the bill.
Bert and Kathy: HURRY!!!
Now Amazon is saying that the book won't be out until September 2004. Is this right?
Is Murach's Java Servlets and JSP too out of date now to be really useful?
When will the next edition be out?
18 years ago
Any word on an expected table of contents for the book?
I looked through the book review forum but did not find this book. So, I put the question in this forum.
I saw the reviews on amazon but I was interested in hearing from javaranchers on this book.
Does anyone have this book in hand?