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Recent posts by Lester Tam

Hello all,

I have an application which will use the weblogic as both app & web server in the same instance.
I want to use different logger to log down the stuff from app & web
but as some of the util classes are shared by both server, so i need a way to let the logger know who is calling it, the web or app

Something like:

class logManager() {
Logger getLogger () {

if (<<web server calling me>> {
return (weblogger);
}else {
return (applogger);

any idea ?

15 years ago

We are using Weblogic + Sybase and enconter this error when uploading a pdf file to sybase, so i think change encoding is not a option.

The evil thing is , it not just fail the upload action, but hang the connection, block the table and cannot release until we kill the query process in db ...
16 years ago

Recently we encounter this bug:

now we are looking the work arround/fix,
from the link it said the released fix is " mustang(b14)",
is it mean that 1.4.2_14 fixed the problem ?
anyone know how to find the fix list of 1.4.2_14 ?

16 years ago
Hi all,
i got the SCWCD exam kit for a while, but dont have time to take the exam yet.

how i know that 1.3 exam is going to expire..

Did any one do a Comparison between 2 exam?
i want to know what is cut/changed/added so i can prepare 1.4


PS: i have SCWCD exam kit & JavaSever Pages at hand now
my app using JBoss325 + MS Sql,
now i want it support oracle9i too,
i ready my oracle DB, and make this changes in jboss:
1. add oracle jdbc classes (
2. change mssql-service.xml inside deploy to connect to oracle db
3. in conf folder, standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml file, change the <defaults><datasource-mapping> to Oracle9i

than i start my jboss and tomcat, the application works normally, until the system try to insert a record, i hit this:

11:49:58,625 ERROR [LoginHistoryBean] Could not create entity java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00911: invalid character at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException( at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTIoer.processError( at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.Oall7.receive( at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.doOall7( at oracle.jdbc.ttc7.TTC7Protocol.parseExecuteFetch(

i checked the data type, it have several String -> nvarchar2 and 1 timestamp -> date, and the data is just some normal chars.
Did i miss anything ?

Pls help
17 years ago

i find that i can use this way to get the ip and host name:

hostInfo = InetAddress.getLocalHost();
ip = hostInfo.getHostAddress();
hostName = hostInfo.getHostName();

but still dont know how to get the MAC address.

Any help?
17 years ago
Hm.. i try to make it more clear

in oracle,if i wrote:

select * from pOrder where .... and rownum <=100 order by createDate

it will join all the condition inside "..." , assign row number to it (base on the nature sorting), filter out all rownum >100 records, and finally sort it by date.

but what i need is:
join all the condition(except rownum<=100), sort it by date, assign rownum base on the date order, then filter out rownum > 100 and return

i think that this query will give me what i want:

select * from ( select * from pOrder where ... order by date ) where rownum<=100

but im worrying the performance as im simplified the query example here, the real one had joined several tables and each table have more than 1M rows..

Any Idea?
Hello, im a MS-SQL user,

i need to rewrite a sql to allow it run in oracle 9i:

select top 100 * from pOrder where ...... order by createDate

i rewrite it as:

select * from pOrder where .... and rownum <=100 order by createDate

i find that it doestnt work because the database will first from a result table with rownum than sort it by date, than filter out all rownum >100 records, so the final result is not what i expecting.

Any Idea?
[ July 23, 2004: Message edited by: Lester Tam ]
Ok finally i find out why, This year(2004) is 2547 in Thai.

but i dont know how to make sure my SimpleTimeFormat can always read the standard year not the system local
18 years ago
How can i fix it?
im doing a schedular tools and need it work it Thai Locale.

18 years ago
Hi i have problem in using SimpleDateFormat.

The code:
DateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yy/DD/MM hh:mm");
startTime = df.parse("04/30/06 10:30");
System.out.print ("Date: " + startTime)
}catch(ParseException e){
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Can't parse Start date");
this code works fine when im using eng win2k and system locale = chinese taiwan.

but when i change the system locale to Thai, it shows the year is 2046, but my system clock still display 2004.

Please Help
18 years ago
Vish Kumar:
I just take a look at Session facade,
It looks like the way i'm trying in my first post,
but i still have a small problem about that,
If i use a EJB relation allow other bean map to the userBean, i will by pass the session bean
eg: in orderBean: UserInfo findCustomerByUserID(String userID)
but if i change the signature to :
CustomerInfo findCustomerByUserID(String userID)
the customerBean need a way/relation to get data from userBean.
hmmm.. sounds work...
So if u want a userInfo and dont know what will return, use SessionUserBean
but if u already know what will return user the suitable bean to do the q instead, is it?
Thanks for the help, all.
Hmmm.. I thought that my problem is not so uncommon & unique,
As Java is kind of "OO language". I just think that there must some way,pattern maybe, to make EJB support info level inheritance (i know that bean do not support inheritance itself).
I will looking at JDO.
Thanks for the time