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Recent posts by Beatrice Ng

sorry typed the wrong word.
I was trying to say sharing my JOY not JOB... no one would like to share my JOB for sure
15 years ago
Thank you all of you, it is nice to share my job with all of you
I wouldnt have made it without all the friendly ranchers' advice here.

To peter,
I studied specs and sathya notes..and also I find sun's article on push registry, WMA and MMAPI very helpful. But sun's article on Game doesnt go into the details.
I tried the whizlab trial question, which only consists of 11 of them. the format is quite close to the exam.
I find the networking question quite tough. It involve real understanding of networking.
Whereas for push registry, if you have studied the spec and sun's article, I believe you able answer those questions well.
My score is not very high, so too ashame to post it
but here are the extreme marks I got...highest and lowest
I gotten full for JTWI.
83% for WMA.
25% on Game it greatly pull down my marks.
33% on MIDP P.S.
The rest are on average of 60 and 70.

To William,
Frankly speaking, I prepared it for 2 weeks..
I find myself wasnt very ready when I register for the exam. But because I have other commitment after that, so just go for it... The most is just throwing USD150 into dustbin..

To Koko,
I had purchased the book for JWSD, so I will go for it

Good luck
15 years ago
Greetings to all,

just like to share a few words on the SCMAD test I took and cleared today.

I would advice people going to the exam take a closer attention on which are the blocking methods in the I got a few Q on that..

and my WMA Q wasnt very tough..manage to score in this section.
but I flunk the game part.. I suggest read more on game part.

the UI part wasnt tough..more on the basic concepts.
And the listener for RMS is worth noting also
I think that's all I would like to share..

Good luck to all

15 years ago

Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:

Umm... well, let's say. I'm still in those stages... I feel I am not so confident on those things yet...

Be positive, try yr best to study and leave the rest in God's hand.
Have you purchased and scheduled the exam?
You r in spore as well, right? which test center u go to mostly?
The sun official training center is now a test center as well.

Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:
You are right... Everybody who are going through MIDP 2.0 spec got such difficulty in those chapters. But don't worry...
Alibabra's advice would be useful for you to digest about security...

But for discovery, I think it's a bit easier than security portion... So have a look at that Nokia's article in that thread... you will feel better... Hope it helps...

Thanks Ko Ko,
You have been through these stages, you sure score in this test

All the best to you
Hi all,

I am reading MIDP 2.0 spec now, but I find the chapter 2 and 3 corresponding to security and discovery process in it are pretty difficult to digest. I wonder will the test cover the very details on these 2 chapters?

Your advice is very much appreciated.

Originally posted by Kanagaratnam SrikanthK:
Hi all,
If any body preparing for the SCMAD exam,
Consider particularly what you can DO and can't do (DO's & DON'T) with CLDC, MIDP...
And also prepare the differences between MIDP1.0 and 2.0

Hi SrikanthK,

You have cleared SCMAD? I am preparing it..
I flunk in the beta..
trying harder now..
could you please share more of yr experience?
Ko ko,

u r not alone, I failed the beta as well, 2% below the passing mark.
have been wondering, in beta, they only choose a few questions for certain part in beta as they cant possibly take all questions, if they have choosen one or two question I answer correctly, I would have passed.
Anyway, a fail is a fail. Complaining doesnt help.
Need to start all over again.
I am reading J2ME specs now... a painful journey started...
I also can't register on either saturday and sunday.
the last day that prometric provide me is friday(21May).
only left with 20 more days...don't know can I finished studying all the materials or not...they are so thick and scary :roll:
Hi Richard,
I had purchased yr book, preparing hard for the exam.
I am still new to web services, so have a hard time preparing it.
There are so many elements in the SOAP and UDDI defination, I wonder, are we expect to memorise all of them?
actually if I am given the choice, I prefer to take the survey after submitting all the answers. After finishing the test, all the stress and worries would have all gone, and hence can better concentrate on the survey without worry what kind of questions would be expected.
I guess it's US's timezome, GMT-6..
Now in my country is already morning of 23April..but still can't see my result.
well, time pass really slow to me at this moment.

still waiting my score report :roll:
Have you tried explicitly specify full path of your "java".exe?
16 years ago