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Recent posts by Alexandre Ferras

I passed SCJP 1.5, but with bad score of 66% . I had a few days to study and my voucher was expiring. So I decided to take the test. In my preparation I read K&B cert book and I did the Whizlabs mock exams. Whizlabs is more dificult then the real exam.

Thanks to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates !
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16 years ago
Nicholas, the next one is Sun Java Certified Developer !

Rimjhim, you should try the Whizlabs mock exams. The questions are similar, but the REAL test is easier. Read "Larman's Applying UML and Patterns" (once) and "Fowler's UML Distilled 2nd edition" (two times). This is all you need !!

Chern, this certification is target to developers who wants to project systems with UML language.

18 years ago
Last friday I passed OOAD (IBM486) with 76%. Thanks to:
Fowler's UML Distilled 2nd edition
Larman's Applying UML and Patterns
Magent Mocker

The Whizlabs is a tough mock test. I did 60% in the final test, but the real test was easier !
18 years ago
I try to email Ian Anderson about the site, but his email ( was not working.
19 years ago
The link is not working. Is there any alternative link to download the SCEA exam simulator ?
19 years ago

I'm also planning to take my SCBCD exam soon.So u mean to say i need to follow only HF EJB???

yes, HF EJB is all you need to pass the SCBCD exam. If you need amother mock exams, try Enthuware EJB Plus or Whizlabs SCBCD.
19 years ago
I passed SCBCD with 75%. Thanks for Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates and people from JavaRanch. I used only the Head First book and I�ve studied for 45 days.
But the weird thing is that I did the Head First mock exam two days before the test and my score was 51% ! The day after the test I did two Enthuware Ejb mock exams and my scores were 52% and 59%.
In the day of exam I did another Enthuware Ejb mock and my score was 45% ! I took the test in the evening (scored 75%) and it was too much easier then the mock exams.
Why were these differences between the mock scores and the real test ? In the others exams (SCJP and SCWCD), my final scores were similar to the mock exams.
Anyway, it�s better to take difficult mock exams to be more prepared for the real test
19 years ago
Last week (on 2003-01-23) I passed SCWCD (version 1.3) with 78%.
The old version of SCWCD is an easy exam, if you know the topic's details "by heart".
Some tips:
- Do JWebPlus mock exams. The questions are very similar to the REAL exam.
- Read the web.xml configuration ! You have to know the tags by heart !
- read the SCWCD Exam Study Kit by Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia
If you want a real tough exam, try the new SCWCD (version 1.4) beta !
Thanks for all the JavaRanchers !
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19 years ago
The link is not working. This page is not available.

Originally posted by vikram goyal:
One guy in this forum (Billy)with a CS degree and all the Java +MS certs is still struggling to get an entry level job.This really breaks my heart.

Billy, where are you now ? What are you doing ?
20 years ago
Billy, you said that you are going to move to Australia because there is more jobs. Are you working now ?
[ October 31, 2003: Message edited by: Alexandre Ferras ]
20 years ago
I�d like to know that the 'Head First EJB' book will include a CD with mock exams and a PDF version of the book.
Congrats Billy !
Now, with all these certifications, you will get a job !
20 years ago

Originally posted by Matt Cao:
Bill Tsai is a legend here

I know that
Billy, I hope you find a job in your new home !
20 years ago
I think family can help, if you have a relative, or even a relative's friend, working on IT field
20 years ago