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Group Manager (Java) at Microsoft.  Formerly the CEO of jClarity (acq by Microsoft).  Java Champion, JCP Executive Committee member, Co-Founder of, speak, author, exec coach.
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Wellington, New Zealand
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Recent posts by Martijn Verburg

Adding to this.  It's very much a tool that is used by VM Engineers (folks who work on the JVM/HotSpot itself) or who write really small functions/libraries that need optimizing (low latency trading systems comes to mind).  Often high level application developers will be misled by this tool when a micro-optimization may not realise into a gain in their app.
1 year ago
Late to the thread but in case folks need more ammunition to persuade their bosses and a handy guide here is some material by Microsoft (yes, really :-)).

Reasons to move from Java 8 to 11
Transition from Java 8 to Java 11
1 year ago
Howdy folks, great to be back!  I just moved back to New Zealand (although not on a ranch :-)) but will now catch up with messages :-).
1 year ago
Hi all,

I spent many of my formative years here as Bartender helping out and learning from this great Java developer community :-).  Ben Evans and Jason Clark take 99.99% of the credit for this 2nd edition but were gracious enough to invite me along for the ride as I helped Ben write the first one.  Can't wait to chat to you all about it!
1 year ago
Yes and this is 'by design'. Oracle wants folks to embed the parts of the Java runtime that are needed directly into the app.
5 years ago
Apparently, Oracle is relenting and will produce an old style JRE.  But yes their idea was to get people to use jlink to build the JRE that they need.

For reference, AdoptOpenJDK will be producing JRE builds.
5 years ago

Matt Wong wrote:

Rob Spoor wrote:There's at (and other versions of course). There is no setup file for each version though, so you'll have to unpack it yourself. You can use 7-zip for that.

Martijn Verburg wrote:You can go to

Thanks for your replies - but as I'm someone grown up with windows as a kid I'm one of the kind of using "installers" to make a software system-wide available. I also have this bad habit on linux by relying to heavy on the repos of the distribution I use and it's package manager.
Yes, as I had to include some libraries for java every once in a while - I know how to "use" such "packages" the manual way - at least on windows - on linux not so much - but it's not really I was looking for. I thought maybe there's something like on the linux front - get an installer package to install java system-wide - just for openjdk - I guess - as long as openJDK doesn't go this step - it will not spread on windows - as most windows-end-users are like "download installer - run it - use it" - they just don'T want to hassle around with zip-files and messing with paths and such - it's not the "windows experience" they used to. Also: As most "normal users" only buy pre-installed system - mostly java is always included - and auto-update by its update-daemon. For the minecraft-players - as they move to twitch and curse - these "launcher" provde their own (out-dated) runtime - so the users won't even notice if the system lacks java at all.

Hi Matt,

AdoptOpenJDK is working on Windows MSI and EXE installers, we've still got a bit of catchup to do in that space!
5 years ago

Matt Wong wrote:This might be not a good spot, but as it is mentoined:

Currently I'm using OracleJDK on Windows and openJDK on Linux provided by distributor. I already considered to switch to openJDK on Windows as well, but I wasn't able to find Windows binaries.

Maybe someone could tell me where to get openJDK Windows binaries?

You can go to
5 years ago
Hi all,

With the recent changes to Oracle JDK distribution and support, there has been considerable uncertainty in the Java ecosystem. In particular, there is confusion over the rights to use Oracle JDK vs Oracle's OpenJDK builds vs OpenJDK builds from other providers such as AdoptOpenJDK!

Working with the various providers, the Java Champions (an independent body of Java experts) have put together a comprehensive Java Is Still Free document on the changes. It also covers the choices you have going forward, and yes Java is Still Free!

The Java Is Still Free document has comments and suggested edit access switched on and will periodically be updated to reflect the latest accurate information. It is being Disseminated widely and we'd appreciate you sharing this with your colleagues and within your organisations.  Please do update the Disseminated doc when you do so!

Martijn Verburg (On Behalf of Java Champions)
5 years ago
Hi all,

My London based start-up has been building machine learning SaaS tools for application performance analysis. Here's a post on why we spent almost 2 years building Illuminate and what we think is the future of APM :-) -
9 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Sorry to wake the thread again, but what do you call the new operator. It's -> isn't it? Do youj call it “arrow”?

I don't think there's an idiomatic name for it yet, I've been calling it the arrow as well :-)
10 years ago
Hi all,

Garbage collection a mysterious black hole of frustration? My new start-up jClarity has just released it's first product called Censum. It has powerful analytics that will give a busy developer / operations person the answers they need to solve those OOME and high pause time problems.
11 years ago
Hi all,

FYI - I'm blogging at Are we there yet?. My most recent post is a GC analysis on PCGen, the open source role playing character generator.
Hi all,

It was an absolute pleasure, there were a lot of great, well-thought out questions, thanks again!
11 years ago